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Reisha Shetty

Junior Digital Writer

Reisha Shetty is a Mumbai-based writer who just needs a reason to run to the beach, even though her swimming skills are below average. Graduated from the National Institute Of Fashion Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in design, you will often find her binge watching K-Dramas and jamming to her diverse (some might even call it bizarre) music playlists. She always has her emergency stack of chocolates by her side at all times, for anyone who needs an urgent sweet tooth craving.

Simu Liu

You Will Never Guess What Simu Liu’s Favourite Snack Is

Simu Liu has created quite the stir online ever since he was cast as the first-Asian superhero in the Marvel film, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. From what he wears to what he eats, netizens want to know everything about Liu’s life. In eastern countries, Asian meals and snacks have always been subjected to hate and ridicule but with a b

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Is Finally In Her Bejeweled Era And We Love It

Taylor Swift has now entered her Bejeweled era and we couldn’t be happier. For those who don’t know this phenomenon, Taylor Swift’s fashion era normally matches the aesthetic and mood of the album she released that year. In November, Swift finally released her brand new album, Midnights, which was everything we could ever wish for. Soon after her M

Vicky Kaushal movies

Vicky Kaushal’s Best Films You Need To Watch ASAP!

Vicky Kaushal is one of the finest actors of our generation. Right from his first movie, the URI actor has paved his way in the industry with some of the most gripping films we have ever seen. Ever since his first-ever big role film, Masaan, which gained him not only recognition but also various awards for his remarkable performance as Deepak, Kaus