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Shanaya Kapoor’s Social Media Guide To Acing The GenZ Vibe!

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

GenZ Instagram users have created a world of their own. From creating photo dumps to taking a ’90s approach to photography, everyone is now trying out new ways to make their ’gram cooler. Recently, with a whole new wave of GenZ actors coming in, it’s Shanaya Kapoor that has been winning the social media game.

From sharing aesthetically shot snippes of her everyday life to revealing her love for Wai Wai noodles to the world, Kapoor and her 1.3 million Instagram followers are living the true GenZ social media life.

In case you’ve been struggling with amping up your social media game, consider this Shanaya Kapoor-approved guide to shake things up. Don’t be surprised if your Instagram blows up with likes.

Photo Dumps

The ultimate GenZ social media tool, a photo dump is just a compilation of the most random shots, along with some cute pictures, that surmise an event, a holiday or even a place perfectly.

Grainy Throwbacks

While the throwback moment was started by the millennials (you’re welcome GenZ), we love a good grainy throwback. Kapoor’s feed is filled with these and so should yours.

Hazy Candids

A candid picture that is actually candid, mid-laugh and mid-movement pictures make an apparance on Kapoor’s feed pretty often. It’s cool and nonchalant at the same time and we love it.

Aesthetic Travel Reels

The one social media feature that GenZ is great at are reels. From making a relaxing holiday reel to creating the coolest transitions, trust GenZ to make you addicted to fun reels in no time. Kapoor is no different and we especially love her travel reels.

Squad Posts

When your entire squad has brought their A-game, it’s impossible to not share it on social media. Kapoor’s pictures with her main squad and cool fam are as real as they come and basically the best way to do a customary #SquadGoals picture.

Ending Surprise

GenZ loves elevating a classic Instagram carousel by ending the series with the most random picture ever, making it a lot more fun than it actually is!

Emoji Game

Kapoor’s caption game is at its absolute best, especially when it comes to replacing words with the cutest emojis that express the vibe of the picture better than words.

Birthday Blur

When they say that your happiest moments are the ones that are the most blurred, this applies to your birthday specifically. Take a page out of Kapoor’s book and post a photo dump that encapsulates the true energy of your special day.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

GenZ has never been big on artificial and properly posed pictures. Instead, they love taking focused zoomed in and random zoomed shots, an Instagram tactic that’s more aesthetic than you think.