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Reisha Shetty

Junior Digital Writer

Reisha Shetty is a Mumbai-based writer who just needs a reason to run to the beach, even though her swimming skills are below average. Graduated from the National Institute Of Fashion Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in design, you will often find her binge watching K-Dramas and jamming to her diverse (some might even call it bizarre) music playlists. She always has her emergency stack of chocolates by her side at all times, for anyone who needs an urgent sweet tooth craving.

Feel Like Your Favourite Character By Trying Nail Art Inspired By Your Favourite TV Show

Getting a manicure is one of the most therapeutic activities to do. Now with masks the mandate across the world, people are resorting to expressing themselves through their nails. Not only can you tell a person’s aesthetic by looking at their nails. you can also guess what their current favourite show is. Each show has its unique mood board and bri

Spice Girls Music Band

From Spice Girls To Blackpink, Here Are 5 Iconic Girl Groups That Have Given Us Some Major Fashion Moments To Remember

Girl groups have been an inspiration for women around the world. They made young girls believe that girl power is mightier than everything else. Through music and their eccentric style, these girl groups have paved the way for fashion in the music industry. And rightly so, since followers saw their favourite artist’s personality shine through one b

How To Make Hailey Bieber’s Yummy-Yum Pizza Toast That Has Taken Over Social Media By Storm

Social media has opened a whole new world of viral food trends that we did not know we needed. From Dalgona coffee to feta cheese pasta, these easy-to-make recipes have awakened the hidden chef within us. And hopping on to the viral food trend, many of our favourite celebrities have also shared their secret recipes. Remember Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodk

How To Make Money

#HELLOExpertGuide Ft. Alicia Souza | How To Make Money Doing What You Love

Getting into a creative field is not as easy as it seems. There is this misconception that in order to earn good money, you need to sometimes take up a job that you might not necessarily like. This is why many people choose to let go of their dreams, even if it’s the last thing they want to do. But ever since social media took over the world, ther

Curly Hair

The Curly Girl Method That Will Give You The Gorgeous Curls You Always Wanted

All over Instagram, women are making a startling discovery—it turns out that the hair they thought was frizzy and wavy is actually curly. Not long ago, there was very little information available on how to take care of curls—we assumed we had brush our hair everyday like our straight-maned sisters. We were so wrong. To have curly hair meant having

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Style

5 Iconic Times Jennifer Lopez Broke The Internet And The Floor With Her Jaw-Dropping Style

Jennifer Lopez is known for her mesmerizing style and aura. Other than being a sensational singer and actor, JLo has a unique fashion sense that often stops everyone in their tracks. At 52, the global icon took social media by storm with her fitness regimes and her stunning style. In case you didn’t know, Lopez is literally the reason why the world