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Margot Robbie Loves THIS British Drink

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

The Australian actor, Margot Robbie has an obsession with this beverage that no one ever saw coming. Robbie, who was born and brought up in Australia, fell head over heels in love with English tea after moving to London, making it her go-to during the day.

Margot Robbie Tea©Nissan

In an interview, the 32-year-old shared how she can drink tea all day long, “Throughout the day, I’ll sip on tea-I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I lived in the UK.” The people living in the United Kingdom do have an immense love for their tea, so, it only makes sense for Robbie to live like a true Londoner and love some good, English tea. While the actor now lives in America, she still swears by her tea time and still finds it as delicious as she did in London.

The Barbie actor has often shared her deep love for food with her fans. While the actor does have to maintain a healthy diet for her films, she does give in to her cravings and indulge in some soul-loving food. “I love burgers and fries, which I’ll order with a pint of beer. In the US, my favourite meal is a double truffle burger from the American chain Umami Burger, which comes with a truffle cheese fondue, truffle aioli and truffle glaze. But back when I called London home, I loved the Mexican restaurant and bar La Bodega Negra in Soho. Everything I ate there was amazing, and they whip up the best margarita I’ve ever had anywhere.”

Might we suggest pulling a Margot and treating yourself to some good old English tea to get over those mid-day blues? We know we are.