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Reisha Shetty

Junior Digital Writer

Reisha Shetty is a Mumbai-based writer who just needs a reason to run to the beach, even though her swimming skills are below average. Graduated from the National Institute Of Fashion Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in design, you will often find her binge watching K-Dramas and jamming to her diverse (some might even call it bizarre) music playlists. She always has her emergency stack of chocolates by her side at all times, for anyone who needs an urgent sweet tooth craving.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde’s Salad Dressing Recipe We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s kind of impossible to ignore all the drama surrounding Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis and her salad dressing on the Internet. What started as an ex-employee sharing the famous former couple’s dirty laundry with the world, soon ended up with the Internet dying to know Wilde’s salad dressing recipe that literally made the Ted Lasso star lose his m

Vampire Skin Trend

Twilight Fans Rejoice! Vampire Skin Is Officially Trending

Are you one of those people who grew up watching and reading the Twilight series and were a true blue #TeamEdward fan? Then listen up, because this new make-up trend is going to be your new favourite. Remember when Edward tries to expose himself as a vampire to get himself killed, and as he steps into the sun he starts sparkling like a human disco

Hair Tinsel

Glitter Hair Tinsels Are Here To Get The Party Started

The beauty world has an undying love for glitter that just refuses to leave us. From shimmery eyes to nails, we are now bringing back a popular hair trend from the early 2000s: hair tinsels. The shimmery hair highlights look super chic and always make you feel like you are ready to party. The one celebrity who has been absolutely owning this trend

Manicurist applying nail polish

Gel, Acrylic Or Regular Polish, What’s Best For Your Nails?

Nowadays, getting your nails to look as perfect as your outfit is an absolute must. With more and more social media influencers and celebrities sharing their love for pampering their talons, figuring out what nail colour or art you’re going to sport on a daily basis is a dilemma that we’re all too familiar with. But, let’s be honest, the daily infl

Skin Cycling Beauty Trends

Everything You Need To Know About ‘Skin Cycling’

While we’ve seen a huge wave of skincare and beauty trends come our way thanks to TikTok, but a certain beauty routine has truly proved its worth. Introduced by Dr Whitney Bowe, the term ‘Skin Cycling’ caught on TikTok skincare trends quite fast. And while we’ve seen many trends come and go, this one is not only recommended by a dermatologist but i

Hocus Pocus

You Can Rent The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage From ‘Hocus Pocus’

This Halloween, treat yourself to the spookiest staycation of your dreams! The Sanderson sister’s iconic house from the film, Hocus Pocus is now available for guests and fans to rent for just $31 a night. In honour of the release of Hocus Pocus 2, the Airbnb listing is an identical recreation of the house, which gives you a glimpse into the trio’s