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This Is Why ‘Namjooning’ Is The Best Way To Live Life

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

In the last few years, we have seen a steady increase in more and more people going through burnout in their lives. With unrealistic expectations and commitments, we often tend to forget to live our lives and treat ourselves with moments that will truly bring joy to us.

But the BTS Army has created a whole phenomenon, inspired completely by the group’s leader. Kim Nam-joon, who goes by his stage name, RM, has an intense love for art and nature and often takes to his social media to share his off-day activities. The rapper-songwriter loves to go on long walks by the Hangang River, visit museums, cycle in the park, and even read a new book, making it the perfect relaxation activity. So, the Army named this self-care routine, Namjooning, inspired by RM. Just the idea of celebrating the small things in life makes you feel more grateful for your existence.

Through their music, BTS has revolutionised how people view global artists, especially from the East. While the group has a good collection of upbeat bops, they also create songs that encourage self-care, self-love, and help people who are fighting their inner demons.

So How Do We Do Namjooning?

Nam-jooning: The act of living life as Kim Nam-joon. This includes taking walks in the parks, admiring nature, hanging out with crabs, and having fun with friends.

During the weekend, take some time out of your hectic schedule and plan an activity for yourself and your friend or partner. Decide on an activity that Nam-joon would like to do during his free time; that could be visiting a local art gallery, going for a pottery class, having a garden picnic or even going on a cycling route. This will not only help you bond with your special someone, but it will also give you that much-needed serotonin boost that will help you look at life from a different perspective. Make sure that you do this every week to feel happy and rejuvenated to get back to your everyday life. And, when you feel rejuvenated and truly relaxed after, you know who to thank.