Blokecore Fashion Trend© Jennie & Getty Images

Blokecore Is Keeping The Football Fever Alive

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

With the football season finally ending on a spectacular note, the recent few weeks have seen some major energy thanks to the FIFA World Cup. With everyone around the globe cheering for their favourite country during the mega sporting event, there were some that took it to a whole new level, in the most GenZ way possible.

Blokecore©Getty Images

Blokecore, much like Cottagecore and Balletcore, is all about fusing classic football style with your everyday style. Filled with vibrant colours, football jerseys, sports shoes and baggy silhouettes, Blokecore is essentially athleisure with an aesthetic twist. The feminine version of this trending style is now known as ‘Blokettecore’, taking inspiration from the coquette style that pairs jerseys and sneakers with skirts and bows.

Needless to say, fashion frontrunners are absolutely loving this style and here is how you can recreate it with just a few pieces from your wardrobe or from your brother’s closet!

Love a good, comfy ensemble that is the perfect blend of sporty and cottagecore? This one, in particular, is just what you need for when you want to spend a day out on the town, but look fabulous while doing it.

Spice up your maxi dresses with iconic sneakers (like the Adidas Samba here) that scream frontrow on the top and laidback chic on the bottom.

Fishnets and boots with a football jersey? Now that’s the kind of grunge look we can get behind.

If you feel prettiest in pink, then this blend of Balletcore and Blokecore is what you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP!