Curtain Bangs Chic Hairstyle© Jenna Ortega

Baby Curtain Bangs Is The New Chic Style In Town

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

The era of curtain bangs is still very much thriving. The subtle face-framing bangs that create the perfect illusion of a slim cheekbone structure have completely changed the beauty game. Now, there is a whole new version of the party, and this one is a lot cuter! The baby curtain bags is the little sister of the OG curtain bangs. The only difference is that baby bangs are a lot shorter than the regular style, offering a very french fringed look.

The traditional curtain bangs normally end at the top of your cheekbones and angle towards your lower ear lobe. This helps in adding volume to the top of your head while giving you a chic dishevelled look.

What To Ask Your Hairstylist?

For your next haircut appointment, ask your stylist to create shorter curtain bangs that just end around your eyes or your eyebrows. To get the density right, the trick is to take away the weight from the bangs by creating layers that are shorter on the top and then gradually fall into the longer layers.