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Zendaya Swears By These Lifestyle Tips & So Should You

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Zendaya is the ultimate icon of our generation. From her style to her acting abilities, the Dune actor never fails to impress us. Starting off as an actor at a very young age, it is safe to say that Zendaya grew up on the screen. While all her multiple projects tend to keep her busy, she never misses out on taking care of her health. Here are some lifestyle tips Zendaya swears by and that you can take some inspiration from too!

Making Working Out Fun

For most people, working out can be quite a tiring chore, more so if you hate the workout plan. That’s why Zendaya always prefers to opt for dancing and pilates as her main form of workout. This makes her not only enjoy working out but also ensures that she remains fit. While pushing herself to make that dreadful trip to the gym is not fun, Zendaya did share in an interview once that she enjoys dressing up while going to the gym, which motivates her to work out every day. So, whether it’s wearing cute outfits to the gym or bringing along a workout buddy, it’s always a great idea to find a motivating factor to work out.

Respecting Your Cravings

In working towards living a healthy lifestyle, we often tend to go on a super-healthy diet and never give ourselves that one day to satisfy our cravings. But Zendaya believes it is essential to create a balanced diet plan without going overboard while also giving into your body’s cravings and ordering whatever you want to eat without feeling guilty.

Switching To Matcha

Like every other girl, Zendaya also loves a tall glass of a match tea latte with coconut milk which also happens to be a lot healthier than your regular caffeinated frappuccinos. Matcha is a great ingredient for your health as it helps in reducing stress as well as boosts your energy levels, making it the perfect drink for your early mornings.