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Reisha Shetty

Junior Digital Writer

Reisha Shetty is a Mumbai-based writer who just needs a reason to run to the beach, even though her swimming skills are below average. Graduated from the National Institute Of Fashion Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in design, you will often find her binge watching K-Dramas and jamming to her diverse (some might even call it bizarre) music playlists. She always has her emergency stack of chocolates by her side at all times, for anyone who needs an urgent sweet tooth craving.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Is Starring In A Movie Inspired By Harry Styles

Anne Hathaway is all set to star in a film adaptation of a 2017 hit book, The Idea Of You, which is kind of inspired by Harry Styles. The story revolves around a 40-year-old single mother Sophie, who accompanies her daughter to a concert and ends up meeting Hayes Campbell, a 24-year-old singer from a popular British band called August Moon. Soon th

Dating Shows

Reality Dating Shows You Need To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Reality TV shows are the absolute best kind of guilty pleasure that we just can’t get enough of. They offer love, drama, and spice—all the things that are normally missing from our mundane lives. So as you wrap up the work week and step into the weekend, it might be a good idea to add some much-needed spice into your lives with some reality dating

Olivia Rodrigo And Billy Joel Duet

Olivia Rodrigo And Billy Joel Sang A Duet And We’re In Love

Looks like Boomers and GenZ finally have something fun to talk about because two legendary artists of their generation gave us a surprise performance, which will be impossible to forget. As the iconic Billy Joel took to the stage of New York’s Madison Square Garden for his 82nd sold-out show, he brought on seven-time Grammy award-winning GenZ star,

Anti-Mascara Beauty Trend

The Anti-Mascara Trend Is What You Need In Your Life

Hallelujah! TikTok has given us yet another way to use our mascara and now our lives will never be the same. The anti-mascara phenomenon has been creating some major waves on social media with some of our favourite beauty influencers getting really creative as they serve up some really cool eye make-up looks. While we’re used to using mascara only

Indian Wedding Show

Indian Wedding Shows and Movies To Add To Your Binge-List

Wedding season is hands down one of the best seasons of the year. Meeting up with your friends and family and celebrating your loved ones is truly a special feeling. But while we wait for wedding season to start, might we suggest indulging in some wedding-themed shows and movies to entertain you? Here are some Indian wedding series, documentaries,

Breezy Bob Hairstyle

Add Some Wind To Your Hair With This Breezy Bob Hairstyl

Let’s be honest, monsoon humidity will give your hair a makeover whether you like it or not. The current weather tends to make your hair look dishevelled and big but, at times, it can work out in your favour, especially if you have flat, lifeless hair. This season, it’s time to try out some breezy new cuts with the airy bob that’ll make your hair l