Turkish TV Shows

7 Turkish TV Shows That You Can Binge-Watch This Weekend

Thanks to the boundless reach of the Internet, we’re now living in an age where we can access content from different parts of the world. Shows in languages like Korean, Thai, or even Arabic, have made a special place in our hearts over the years and now it’s time to give Turkish dramas a chance. The popularity of Turkish TV shows grew exponentially

Class Cast Interview

The ‘Class’ Cast On What It Took To Get To The Top & More

These five stars became overnight successes, thanks to their mature performances that belie their age. At their candid best, actors Anjali Sivaraman, Zeyn Shaw, Cwaayal Singh, Piyush Khati and Ayesha Kanga share with HELLO! their career arc and how dissimilar (or not) their lives are to the characters they portray.. They came, they saw, they conque

TV Shows & Movies To Stream In May

7 TV Shows & Movies We’re Excited To Stream In May 2023

It’s May and we’re officially entering the Summer season. Along with quick weekend getaways to colder destinations and breaking out your summer wardrobe, we’re super stoked for all the new TV shows and movies making their way to our favourite streaming platforms this month. This is the month of spin-offs, with Bridgerton’s much-anticipated prequel