Penn Badgley in ‘You’© Netflix

5 TV Shows Like ‘You’ That Will Give You The Chills

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Netflix’s hit psychological thriller You, starring Penn Badgley, is back with a new season and we can’t wait to find out what creepy antics our friendly neighbourhood stalker/murderer gets up to this time.

The show’s fourth season has been divided into two parts, with the first part releasing today and the second one slated to be out in March. This season will have Joe travel to London and live under a false identity which is great for him but not so great for the person he has set his eyes on.

If you, like us, plan to binge-watch the first part of the fourth season in one go, then we’ve got a list of shows to tide you over until it comes back with the second part.

Read on to find the next show on your watchlist that will make you question why you’re rooting for the serial killer/criminal!


While likeable would be a stretch, there’s no denying that you end up feeling happy whenver Joe gets away with his creepy stalking and killing without any consequences. Another serial killer that we don’t mind not getting caught by the authorities is Dexter from the eponymous show. In the show, the titular Dexter works as a blood spatter snalyst by the day and a meticulous serial killer by the night. He only murders people who he feels deserve to die.

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Breaking Bad

Another show with a lead character with heavy shades of grey, Breaking Bad is a classic that you need to watch (or rewatch) now. In the show, mild mannered chemistry teacher Walter White finds himself embroiled in the dangerous drug scene of New Mexico after he starts cooking meth to support his family following a terminal cancer diagnosis. The ease with which he takes morally dubious decisions and lie to protect his double life is right up there with Joe’s questionable actions.

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Castle Rock

This anthology has been inspired by Stephen King’s literary multiverse. The show follows Annie, a single mother who is struggling with a mental illness. She is on the run with her daughter and does not think twice before resorting to acts of violence to keep her identity safe. Fans of You will feel right at home with the dark themes and shocking twists.

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The Stranger

This eight-episode long miniseries, based on Harlan Coben’s 2015 novel, also has a baseball cap-toting stranger who wreaks havoc on people’s lives. In the show, a strange woman approaches Adam Price to tell him something that unravels a web of secrets that lead to his wife’s mysterious disappearance.

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This psychological horror-thriller reimagines the 1991 classic Silence of the Lambs. It follows criminal profiler, Will Graham, who forms an unlikely team with brilliant psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter to solve crimes. The dark themes and the fact that the show also features a grisly criminal who deserves to be behind bars yet have you rooting for him, is something the two show share.

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