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Watch These TV Shows & Films If You Liked ‘Rocket Boys’

The first season of Rocket Boys started streaming in February last year and gave us a rare, human peek into the making of India’s first atom bomb and nuclear centre. In this gripping series, we saw the story of India’s pioneering scientists Jehangir Bhabha and Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai as they navigated a war, politics and ambition.

Rocket Boys 2, which released on March 16 this year, returns on a carpet of high expectations considering the first season was a masterclass on how to make an immersive biopic series. Helmed by Abhay Pannu and Nikhil Advani, the new season brings a more profound exploration of the prestigious scientists.

The Rocket Boys are now seen working separately on their respective projects. Homi Bhabha is busy making the nuclear bomb, and Vikram Sarabhai is at his job to endorse education and peace. The politics now is more viciously consuming their surroundings as there is a shift in power with First PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s demise and the rise of Indira Gandhi.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam is being polished under them and is a sure-shot successor. But while they continue to make bombs and bring television to India, there is a vicious game of politics unfolding around them, affecting their lives in much more significant ways than we can imagine. Season 2 scales one and a half decades from the early 60s to the mid-70s, and we can’t wait to spend our weekend binge-watching it.

When it comes to India, we’ve had geniuses in every domain possible — scientific or otherwise. Much like Rocket Boys, great biopics are odes to the indomitable spirit of people who went beyond their selfless gains in service of the larger good or something bigger than themselves.

This series has left its fans in need of more creations like this. And we’re here to the rescue. Here are the top shows and movies you should look out for if you loved watching Rocket Boys.

Kadambari (2015)

The biopic of Kadambari Devi is not only a tribute to the artist but also highlights the power of art in bringing people together. Kadambari Devi, who was Rabindranath Tagore’s sister-in-law, had such an impact on the Nobel laureate that she inspired him to create some of his most celebrated works of poetry and painting. Through their friendship, this film shows how art can build bridges and connect hearts.

Watch it here.

Mission Mangal (2019)

The movie centres around the lives of scientists working at the Indian Space Research Organisation who played a significant role in India’s groundbreaking Mars Orbiter Mission. Similar to Rocket Boys, the film offers a sneak peek into the inner lives of these remarkable individuals.

Watch it here.

Detective Boomrah (2022)

Sudhanshu Rai not only stars in the web series, but also directs it, bringing a unique twist to the sci-fi genre while reviving detective cinema in Indian entertainment. The show follows Detective Boomrah and his partner Sam on their investigation into the perplexing case of a man who mysteriously materialises in a locked chamber at Ropam Haveli in Rajasthan. A must-watch for fans of sci-fi and other similar shows such as Rocket Boys, Detective Boomrah is sure to captivate and delight viewers.

Watch it here.

The Great Indian Murder (2022)

Tigmanshu Dhulia’s signature style is evident in the murder mystery series The Great Indian Murder, which is adapted from the novel Six Suspects. The story revolves around the murder of an industrialist and a minister’s son at a party, prompting a DCP and a CBI investigator to launch a year-long investigation. Fans of the show have been thoroughly impressed with its engaging plot and execution.

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Welcome to Murderville, an exciting series starring Will Arnett as a detective who, in every episode, has to solve a murder with a new celebrity guest star as his partner. The catch is: the guest star is never given a script so they have to improvise their way through the case!

Watch it here.

Shakuntala Devi (2020)

This is a biographical drama on the life of Shakuntala Devi, the renowned mathematician dubbed “the human computer,” whose astounding skills of solving complex maths problems in record time won her admiration and awe, the world over. Shankuntala Devi not only explores the mathematician’s fascinating relationship with numbers but her relationships beyond it as well – especially her life as a mother and a woman, and is surely a must-watch.

Watch it here.

Harishchandrachi Factory (2010)

The ambitious story of the making of India’s first feature film by Dadasaheb Phalke, this one is an ode not just to human triumph but the lengths to which such greats went simply for the love of cinema.

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Super 30 (2019)

The great Indian IIT dream can be daunting in its intensity not to mention the societal pressures that come with it. But one man took it upon himself to give shape to 30 select aspirants from low-income backgrounds in Patna.

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Manjhi (2015)

The film is centred around the life of Dashrath Manjhi, also known as the “mountain man,” who tirelessly carved a path through a mountain after his wife tragically passed away while attempting to cross it. The film portrays the boundless extent of love and devotion, showcasing the incredible lengths one can go to for the sake of a loved one.

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When a Hindi professor (Huma Qureshi) accuses her student (Avantika Dassani) of plagiarism, a bizarre chain of psychological crimes ensue, sparking a series of hostilities and shocking revelations spun around a murder for which they both are suspects. What begins as a matter of academic deception, quickly escalates into psychological warfare between the two and neither is willing to give up. Adapted from the British TV show Cheat, the series is set against the picturesque backdrop of Darjeeling and is a dark and twisted tale of truth and deception.

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