Dessert Shows On Netflix

9 Shows About Desserts On Netflix That You Can Watch If You Have A Sweet Tooth

From shows about creating giant sculptures out of chocolate to a reality competition show where people guess whether things are cake or not, these dessert-focussed shows on Netflix are the platform’s not-so-hidden gems. These light-hearted, wholesome shows are perfect for when you’re looking to unwind or indulge your sweet tooth in a much healthier

12 Oscar Nominated Movies You Can Watch Online Right Now

Oscars night is filled with stunning red carpet looks, heartfelt speeches, and shocking on-stage moments (the Will-Chris altercation is right up there with La La Land accidentally being announced as the Best Picture). But amidst all the following Internet chatter about the night, it’s easy to forget that the awards stand for celebrating the best of

Bollywood Sports Movies

9 Bollywood Sports Movies To Watch On Netflix, Hotstar, and More, If You Loved Ranveer Singh Starrer ‘83’

There’s something about watching a good sports movie, where the underdog overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to win big at the end, that never fails to induce all emotions possible in the viewer. Paired with a rousing soundtrack, you’ve got cinematic gold right there. Kabir Khan’s 83 is a great example of this, where he retells the story of how