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7 Korean Dramas To Watch If You Loved ‘The Glory’

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If there’s one thing we love it’s a well-executed revenge plot. There’s something viscerally satisfying to see justice being delivered to evildoers and our favourite characters getting the closure they longed for. One of the most popular TV shows of recent times, The Glory, does exactly this and how!

This Netflix K-drama follows the journey of Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-ko) as she sets out to seek revenge on her high school bullies after carefully planning their downfall for years. The second part of the 16-episode series dropped recently and it delivers a thrilling and fast-paced ride packed with a conclusion that would take several days to recover from. The show promises catharsis, rather than realism, and delivers in spades.

The brilliant plot is made even better because of an ensemble cast of talented performers led by the Descendants of the Sun star.

If you, like us, binge-watched the episodes through their exciting twists and turns and are now wondering what to do with your life (besides watching fan edits of Ha Do-yeong, don’t lie), here are a few K-dramas that you’ll like…

My Name

Like The Glory, My Name is a revenge-driven drama that has a woman join a powerful gang in her quest to avenge her father’s death. Soon she finds herself enmeshed in Seoul’s dark underbelly and with her life on the line as she is placed as a mole in the police force.

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Remarriage & Desires

This TV show packs more drama than The Glory but is still thrilling to watch. In the show, a divorcee joins an exclusive and elite matchmaking agency to destroy her ex-husband’s scheming mistress and bring about justice.

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One of the most entertaining dramas of recent times, Vincenzo follows the titular Korean-American lawyer (Song Joong-ki) who leaves Italy to return to Korea after getting betrayed by the mafia family he worked for. Despite his best efforts to stay away, he soon finds himself joining forces with attorney Hong Cha-young to take down an evil conglomerate. Even though it has dark themes and unflinching approach to revenge, the show is much more lighthearted than The Glory.

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Reborn Rich

Another revenge drama starring Song Joong-ki, this one is about a loyal employee who gets murdered by the family he works for. Instead of dying, however, the man finds himself transported back to 1987 in the body of the youngest son of the family responsible for his death. This gives him an opportunity to plan their downfall and seek revenge for his murder.

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’s Seo Ye-ji stars in this revenge drama about a woman who decides to punish one of South Korea’s richest families for their role in her father’s death. The show is filled with morally grey characters, including the main lead, which makes it a compelling tale of pain and betrayal.

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Revenge of Others

This high school drama takes a departure from the usual themes of romance and comedy to delve into a much darker subject, the consequences of bullying. Like The Glory, this show is also about what happens when seemingly harmless bullying is taken a step too far. It follows a student’s attempt to take revenge on the people who were responsible for her brother’s sudden suicide.

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Sweet Revenge

Like Moon Dong-eun, Ho Goo-hee from Sweet Revenge is a victim of relentless bullying. Instead of waiting for years to come up with an airtight revenge plan, she stumbles upon a mobile app that allows her to take revenge on anyone she wants by just typing their name in it.

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