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Here’s A Roundup Of The Most Viral Food Trends Of 2023

As we bid adieu to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the culinary rollercoaster that has been this year. From TikTok recipe hunters to casual home chefs, everyone has been swept up in the whirlwind of viral food trends that have dominated social media feeds. So, if your taste buds are ready for a recap, buckle up as we take you on a journey through the most viral food trends that graced our kitchens in 2023.

Top 15 Viral Food Trends Of 2023

Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt Bites: The Queen Of TikTok Desserts

In the realm of viral TikTok desserts, the frozen strawberry yogurt bites reigned supreme in 2023. A simple concoction of strawberries, yogurt and a double dip in melted chocolate yields a treat that’s not only delicious but also leans towards the healthier side of dessert indulgence. It’s a snack fit for royalty, crowned by over 11.2 million views on the #strawberryyogurtclusters hashtag.

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Feta And Pesto Eggs: Breakfast Reimagined

If your breakfast routine needs a remix, enter pesto eggs with a feta twist. This savoury sensation took over our morning menus this year, promising a delicious and Instagram-worthy start to the day. Pro tip: it’s easier to make than it looks, so you can impress even amid the morning hassle.

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Baked Oats: The Weekend Breakfast Revolution

Move over traditional oatmeal; the TikTok girlies have spoken, and baked oats are here to stay. Picture this: an ultra-tender banana bread breakfast cake, kissed with cinnamon and chocolate chips. This culinary marvel not only graced our weekends but became a breakfast favourite that’s as delightful to make, as it is to devour.

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Salmon And Rice Bowl: Emily Mariko’s Viral Triumph

Emily Mariko’s salmon and rice bowl is the stuff of TikTok legend. Whether you opt for a quick lunch version or turn it into a culinary masterpiece with cucumber slices, avocado or kimchi, this bowl is a testament to the power of a well-balanced and utterly delicious meal.

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Butter Board: The Controversial Crowd-Pleaser

Controversial or not, the butter board trend is a winner. As someone who’s indulged in its buttery goodness, we can vouch for its crowd-pleasing magic. Bread and butter aficionados unite – this easy-to-make appetiser is a sensation that’s worth the buzz.

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Vegan Green Goddess Salad: The Salad Renaissance

Remember the era of finely chopped, gigantic salads? It all started with the vegan green goddess salad. Whether you DIY the dressing or opt for the store-bought version, this salad remains a canvas for your finely chopped green veggie artistry.

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Ice Cream With Cottage Cheese: The Creamy Controversy

In the frozen realm, cottage cheese ice cream took centre stage this year. Blending cottage cheese with frozen fruit and honey creates a creamy and supposedly healthier alternative to traditional ice cream. A viral sensation with over 12 million views, but opinions remain divided — try it at your own risk.

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Ginger Shot: Wake Up And Juice

Ginger shots are the latest craze on #wellnesstok. A blender, some ginger, some coconut water and a strainer are your tools to this game-changing morning ritual. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s a wake-up call for your digestion.

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Fruit Roll Ups With Ice Cream: A Textural Symphony

March and April witnessed the rise of an unhinged frozen delight — fruit roll ups with ice cream. This satisfying combo of crunchy and creamy textures captured hearts and taste buds, making it an instant hit for those seeking the ultimate frozen snack.

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Brazilian Lemonade: Citrusy Refreshment in a Glass

The summer of ‘23 experienced the creamy, citrusy delight of Brazilian Lemonade. With just three simple ingredients – ice, whole limes and sweetened condensed milk — blended and strained, this viral sensation has won the hearts of dessert enthusiasts worldwide.

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Frozen Fruit Shaved Ice: Summer Magic in Every Bite

For a refreshing post-meal snack, turn to shaved frozen fruit. A simple concoction of your favourite frozen fruit (like peaches or strawberries) and condensed milk results in a creamy, sweet symphony of flavours. Let your creativity run wild — this recipe is your dupe for shaved ice cream.

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Lemon Posset: British Elegance in a Dessert

Indulge in the tangy yet creamy delight of Lemon Posset. A viral British dessert that takes only four simple ingredients and a short 15-minute cooking time, this treat became a staple for people who love their ‘not too sweet’ desserts.

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Sleepy Girl Mocktail: A Blissful Elixir

The viral ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ promises to combat your insomnia with the magic duo of pure tart cherry juice and magnesium. Whether you believe in its sleep-inducing powers or not, this elixir has taken TikTok by storm, flooding screens with its wondrous claims.

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One Pot French Onion Pasta

In the world of TikTok food trends, one-pot recipes have been the stars of the show, each trying to outshine the other. One such standout this year was the French Onion Pasta — a perfect blend of the classic French onion soup and the comforting goodness of pasta.

Picture this: thin slices of yellow onions sizzling in a pot, slowly turning a beautiful golden colour. Add a splash of sherry and dry white wine and the flavours start to sing in harmony. Throw in some fresh thyme to add a fragrant touch. Season it with salt and pepper, and you’ve created a culinary masterpiece — a simple and delicious poem for your taste buds.

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Girl Dinner Trend: A Feast of Convenience

Closing the year, the ‘girl dinner’ trend took the internet by storm in the second half of 2023. From snack plates with random delights to pickled vegetables, cheese, crackers, nuts or deli meat put together in a quasi-charcuterie style to mountains of ice cream and fruit, ‘girl dinner’ celebrates the ease and convenience of solo dining. Critics debate its impact on unhealthy eating, but fans stand by its principle of simplicity. Some experts argue that ‘Girl Dinner’ can be seen as a liberating trend, freeing women from the historical burden of cooking elaborate meals for their families. By embracing minimal effort and turning the focus to simply enjoying food, the concept challenges the notion that a woman’s worth lies in her culinary prowess.

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As we bid farewell to 2023, these viral food trends have left an indelible mark on our taste buds and social media feeds. Whether you embraced them all or stuck to your culinary classics, one thing is for sure — the world of viral recipes is as diverse and ever-evolving as our cravings.