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crookie recipe

You Need To Try The Viral ‘Crookie’ Recipe At Home

Indulgence knows no bounds when it comes to ‘foodtok,’ especially with the advent of viral recipes that titillate our taste buds and spark our imagination. Among the latest food trends taking the internet by storm is the Le Crookie, a delightful marriage of flaky croissants and delicious cookie dough. Originating from the bustling streets of Paris,

Girl Dinner Food Trend

Decoding The Viral 'Girl Dinner’ Food Trend

In recent times, an intriguing and seemingly light-hearted food trend has taken the Internet by storm, capturing the imagination of millions and sparking lively debates across social media platforms. Welcome to the world of ‘Girl Dinner,’ a culinary phenomenon that has become synonymous with simplicity, minimal effort, and a pinch of humour. But be

viral big mac tacos

Meet The Viral Lovechild Of The Classic Burger & The Fiery Taco!

Prepare yourself for a wild culinary ride like no other! TikTok has done it again, introducing a viral innovation that combines the best of two worlds—the beloved McDonald’s Big Mac and the delightful taco! So, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you combined the iconic McDonald’s burger with a soft-shell taco, wonder no more. We’re here t