Teriyaki Chicken Ramen Recipe

This Teriyaki Chicken Ramen Recipe Is Perfect For Winter

Chilly winter days mean steaming cups of hot chocolate, holiday movies on Netflix, and bowls and bowls of warm and comforting soups and delicious ramen. Chefs Senthil and Gauri Kumar agree with the sentiment and have, therefore, come up with a special winter menu for their Mumbai-based restaurant Youkoso. Known for its authentic Thai and Japanese c

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde’s Salad Dressing Recipe We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s kind of impossible to ignore all the drama surrounding Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis and her salad dressing on the Internet. What started as an ex-employee sharing the famous former couple’s dirty laundry with the world, soon ended up with the Internet dying to know Wilde’s salad dressing recipe that literally made the Ted Lasso star lose his m

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

5 Simple Recipes For Homemade Dog Treats

Who doesn’t love pampering their pooches and spoiling them silly? When you adopt a dog, you not only acquire a furry best friend but also a family member you’re expected to nurture and love till the end. Caring for your fur babies is undoubtedly expensive, especially with irresistible pet stuff including dog sunscreens, dog subscription boxes, toys

MasterChef Australia Winner Sashi Cheliah

MasterChef Australia Winner Sashi Cheliah’s ‘Gaja Fried Chicken’ Recipe

Singapore-born Australian chef Sashi Cheliah has based his culinary philosophy on a valuable lesson he learnt from Gordon Ramsay. Less is always more. “Using fewer ingredients and creating and extracting maximum flavours out of those is extremely crucial rather than using a plethora of ingredients in a single dish wherein you can’t even identify in

Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd

Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd Shares Her Favourite Chocolate Recipes

It’s World Chocolate Day and it’s officially time to celebrate and indulge in the delicious and rich treat because, why not? Whether it’s helping you get over the blues or being the go-to gift to let someone know you’re thinking about them, chocolate is the one-stop answer for all. While you can just gorge on the nearest chocolate bar you can find

Cowboy Caviar, a golden dip recipe

Here Is How You Can Make The Tik-Tok Trending Cowboy Caviar Dip At Home

And in this week’s ‘Most Trending Recipe’, TikTokers have given us Cowboy Caviar, a golden dip recipe. First created in the early 1900s by Chef Helen Corbitt, this dip made a spectacular comeback when TikTok Chef Trazia Rae (@traziarae) shared a video of her preparing the dip. As a result, with over 6.7 million views, she’s prompted a whole new wav