7 Movie Moments That Will Make You Feel Hungry

Movies are guilty of making us covet a lot of things. We want the elusive ‘happy ever afters’ we see our characters get at the end of movies and we also want the ability to get up in the morning without a bedraggled head and morning breath. But if there’s one thing we all want within our reach from these movies is the delectable food presented so i

Here’s How You Can Make The Viral Beanut-Butter Cups

In the world of crazy food combinations, we’ve just stumbled upon a dish that will make you rethink desserts that are sweet and savoury. While it is hard to believe that such a combination can ever exist, but baked-beans-filled chocolate cups have been doing the rounds on social media, and are surprisingly delicious. Created by The Vulgar Chef, @th

Millie Bobby Brown’s Favourite Go-To Snack Is A McCod And Now It’s Ours Too

While Eggos might be Eleven’s ride or die snack, it’s the McCod that owns Millie Bobby Brown’s heart. During a Hot Ones interview, Brown spoke about how her forever favourite on-set snack has got her through hectic 12-hour shooting schedules for Stranger Things, since 2016. Named after “Crafty Dave”, the guy who is responsible for giving Brown her

Chef Manu Chandra Shares The Recipe For The Best Baked Brie You’ll Ever Eat

In 2012, Chef Manu Chandra introduced India to ‘gastropubs’, whipping up the first-of-its-kind amalgam of the best brew and grub with Monkey Bar. Ten years and several branches of iconic haunts later, Chandra bid adieu to the Olive group in 2021 and is now ready to venture down a new path. Also the culinary genius behind the revolutionary Toast & T

Make Your Daily Meals Fun Again With The Classic Bento Box With A Delicious Twist

Bento Boxes has taken social media by storm. We can often find ourselves falling into a dark hole of moms packing cute and aesthetic Bento boxes for their kids. It was soon followed by adults making their own renditions of these boxes as they resumed offline offices. In case you didn’t know, Bento boxes are a a popular meal system in Japan, and the

Here Is How You Can Make The Delicious Salmon Rice Bowl That’s Taking Over The Internet

Tik-Tok and Instagram have given us a long list of delicious, trending food to indulge in. Cuisines from different parts of the world are now coming into the spotlight, with more and more people taking over the kitchen. One such trending meal that caught our eye (and our appetite) is the salmon rice bowl. Introduced by Emily Mariko, this six-ingred