lazy girl job trend

Can ‘Lazy Girl Jobs’ Help You Lead A More Fulfilled Life?

In a world that glorifies hustle culture, the rise of the ‘lazy girl job’ trend on TikTok has taken the internet by storm. A refreshing departure from the high-stress, overworking mentality that has plagued the corporate landscape, young professionals are embracing the idea of a work-life balance with open arms. But is this trend the answer to stri

Opera gloves fashion trend

Opera Gloves Make Are The Chicest Trend Right Now

The celebrity-approved glove-aissance is all the rage right now—and looks like it’s here to stay! From tiny bags and sunglasses to towering platform shoes and Afghan coats, creating a statement-making ensemble is all about accessorising these days. And the unexpected finishing touch that’s been seen on everyone and their mother on the red carpets,

Birria Tacos

Birria Tacos Are All Over The Internet Right Now

Everyone loves a good taco night but, recently, social media has been flooded with people trying their hands at making the popular Mexican Birria Tacos. A spicy yet flavourful dish, Birria Tacos usually has a goat stew filling, but it can be switched with beef, eel, chicken or even pork. Unlike your regular tacos, Birria Tacos need to be dipped in

Fashion Trends

15 Fashion Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Fashion is cyclical. Trends come and go. Yet, there are a few iconic moments that remain beautifully etched in fashion history. With HELLO! clocking 15 years of irresistible glamour, here’s looking at some of the epoch-defining, seminal trends that remain relevant decades after decades… Flared dramatically from the bottom of the calf and cut with c

Tie-dye Fashion Trend

Katrina Kaif, Kriti Sanon And Other Celebs Show You How To Wear The Tie-dye Trend In Every Possible Way

The cyclical nature of fashion means that what was in trend a decade ago will surely someday return to exert its dominion over the trend charts and, in turn, our shopping lists. Further proof of the same can be found with tie-dye, the Coachella-ready trend that doesn’t appear keen to relinquish its hold over fashion quite just yet. With the onset o