travel and wellness trends 2024

Top Travel And Wellness Trends To Look Out For In 2024

The world of travel and wellness is poised for an exhilarating journey into 2024, marked by trends that promise not just a break from the routine, but a holistic transformation. At the forefront of this rejuvenation revolution are ancient Indian practices that have gracefully traversed centuries to become a global phenomenon: Ayurveda and spiritual

Interior Architect Anjaleka Kripalani interview

Anjaleka Kripalani On The Interiors Landscape In India

HELLO! talks to interior architect and home décor genius, Anjaleka Kripalani, about her style of work, the trends ruling the market and what to expect in India’s evolving design space. HELLO!: Tell us about your journey in the world of interiors.

Predictions For 2023

These Are The Predictions For 2023 By Experts From 1923

Will a person time travelling from hundred years ago be surprised on seeing the world that we inhabit in 2023? While the obvious answer would be an easy “Yes!” (because let’s face it, no 1920s-dweller can survive the lure of the infinite scroll on Instagram), they might not be as shocked as you might think. Paul Fairie, a researcher and instructor

Beauty Products

These Beauty Websites Offer More Than Just Products

The beauty industry has evolved so much in recent years. From advancements in technology to improving consumer relations, many brands around the world have taken it upon themselves to create something different and unique that is truly a game changer for the customer. So, we rounded up some of the most popular beauty brands and websites that provid

Cowboy Caviar, a golden dip recipe

Here Is How You Can Make The Tik-Tok Trending Cowboy Caviar Dip At Home

And in this week’s ‘Most Trending Recipe’, TikTokers have given us Cowboy Caviar, a golden dip recipe. First created in the early 1900s by Chef Helen Corbitt, this dip made a spectacular comeback when TikTok Chef Trazia Rae (@traziarae) shared a video of her preparing the dip. As a result, with over 6.7 million views, she’s prompted a whole new wav

Jewellery Trends

The Ultimate Guide To The Season’s Hottest Jewellery Trends

As summer gives way to the gentle winds of monsoon, it is time to give your wardrobe a seasonal upgrade. If the vagaries of the weather have restricted your outfit options, you can always look to your bijoux box for a quick pick-me-up. The perfect finishing touch for any outfit, the right accessories can level up your look in seconds. Which is why,