Viral Air Fryer Recipes

These Are The Easiest Viral Air Fryer Recipes Ever

Air fryers have exploded in popularity over the last few years and have gained a cult following thanks to their recipe hacks perfect for home cooks wanting restaurant-style gourmet dishes in a fraction of the time. Once the handy appliance was given a shoutout by Oprah in 2016, there was no looking back. Every millennial with hopes and dreams added

Rachel Goenka

Rachel Goenka On Taking The 'Sassy' Way Into The Restaurant World

For a decade now, she’s added a ‘sassy’ touch to the culinary space of Mumbai and Pune. The restaurateur, chef and award-winning author shares the idea behind her innovative gastronomical concept and surprising patrons with twists in her menus. HELLO!: You expanded The Chocolate Spoon Company to over 15 outlets and two central kitchens in Mumbai an

Rapper Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Just Gave Us The Breakfast Meal Of Our Dreams

Rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg has now gotten into the breakfast business with his own cereal, Snoop Loopz, which is a part of his food brand, Broadus Foods which he co-founded with rapper Percy “Master P” Miller. The gluten-free, multigrain cereal is quite similar to the iconic Fruit Loops which has been dominating the market for many

hunger has a link to anger

New Study Confirms That ‘Hangry’ Is A Totally Valid State Of Mind!

If you’re someone who turns into a terror once the hunger pangs hit, you don’t have to feel like a monster. A new study has revealed that being well fed (or not) has a notable influence on our feelings of anger. According to a paper, hunger was directly associated with a higher level of anger and irritability and fewer pleasurable feelings. One of

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown’s Favourite Go-To Snack Is A McCod And Now It’s Ours Too

While Eggos might be Eleven’s ride or die snack, it’s the McCod that owns Millie Bobby Brown’s heart. During a Hot Ones interview, Brown spoke about how her forever favourite on-set snack has got her through hectic 12-hour shooting schedules for Stranger Things, since 2016. Named after “Crafty Dave”, the guy who is responsible for giving Brown her

Cocktail For The Weekend

Pick The Perfect Cocktail For The Weekend Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The weekend is finally here, thank god, which means it’s time to shut your laptop and hit your favourite bar in town with your favourite girlfriends. And since there are ways to find your interior aesthetic, your favourite rom-com and even your perfect hairstyle according to your zodiac, why not save yourself the headache and figure out your perfec