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Aditya & Sripriya Reddy On The Culinary Scene In Hyderabad

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Vishwaveer Singh

At the cutting edge of Hyderabad’s culinary scene, this enterprising couple has introduced the southern capital to nouvelle concepts that are changing the city’s gourmet scene. HELLO! met the duo for a quick tête-à-tête about their love for food and what drives them to greater heights.

Aditya and Sripriya Reddy hail from some of the most noteworthy real estate families in Hyderabad. When the two tied the knot, many assumed they would take on the mantles of their family businesses, but the couple surprised watchers by foraying into F&B, a fickle industry in a city dominated by a handful of players who had made entering this select club almost impossible.

aditya and sripriya reddy©HelloIndia

Today, the duo have managed to open two of Hyderabad’s most popular eateries, introducing culinary concepts that people wouldn’t have ever imagined would survive in a market where biryani rules the roost. Taro and Tiger Lily, the restaurants nurtured by the Reddys, are the toast of the town, with several new projects coming up, contributing to the ever evolving gastronomic scene in Hyderabad. The couple share tales of their journey and their plans for the future with HELLO!.

Aditya Reddy

HELLO!: Tell us about your foray into F&B and what the journey has been like so far.

AR: “We identified a need for an upscale bistro concept in Hyderabad and filled that gap by launching Tiger Lily. Although the first Covid lockdown hit us hard, we navigated the challenges through innovation and learning, resulting in continued growth during the pandemic. It’s been an encouraging journey as we shaped the city’s dining scene with our unique concepts.”

H!: Any expansion plans? Where do you see the restaurant business heading over the next five years?

AR: “We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our first night club concept and have plans to expand Taro, our pan-Asian concept, to Bengaluru and Chennai. As the market becomes more specialised, we’re seeing a rise in chef-backed ideas, and we hope this will eventually lead to Michelin stars in our country, elevating our culinary scene to the global stage.”

H!: What inspires you when creating a new concept?

AR: “A lot of travel and exploring new dining concepts across the globe inspires me. I’m also very choosy with my locations, so the space itself and the surroundings play a vital role in helping me figure out the ideal concept.”

aditya and sripriya reddy©HelloIndia

H!: You don’t come from a family with a background in F&B. How supportive were your parents when it came to launching new brands initially?

AR: “My parents have been incredibly supportive of me pursuing my passions. As big foodies themselves, they encouraged me every step of the way. Their unwavering support gave me the confidence to expand my business at a rapid pace.”

H!: Are you working on other projects not related to F&B?

AR: “As my family’s core business is in real estate and construction, I’m currently working on a few exciting residential projects.”

H!: Which are your favourite holiday destinations?

AR: “Paris, Dubai, Goa and London.”

H!: Any restaurants that left an indelible mark on you?

AR: “Matignon and Girafe in Paris, Sushisamba in London, Burnt Ends in Singapore.”

H!: How does staying in Hyderabad compare with other cities?

AR: “Hyderabad is a fast-growing city with plenty of opportunities, effective governance and constantly expanding infrastructure. In my opinion, there are no cons to living in this vibrant city, and I wholeheartedly encourage people to relocate here most of the time.”

Sripriya Reddy

H!: You’ve been a stellar force when it comes to deciding on the interiors of Aditya’s projects. What inspired you when choosing design themes and elements for the restaurants?

SR: “I thoroughly understand the cuisine and strive to create a space that reflects its energy. Fortunately, all our restaurant sites were distinctive and provided strong inspiration for the design.”

H!: Tell us about your personal journey in interior design.

SR: “I’ve been passionate about design since a young age. Growing up in a culturally rich city, I enjoyed shopping for artefacts with my mother. In high school, I started designing personal spaces, which led me to develop an interest in interior design. After completing my undergraduate studies from Parsons School of Design in New York, I pursued this passion professionally.”

H!: What projects are you working on at the moment?

SR: “I’m currently working on a few residential projects and a villa in Goa.”

sripriya reddy©HelloIndia

H!: Where do your design inspirations come from?

SR: “My inspiration for design comes from various areas, such as fashion, architecture, art, jewellery and landscapes. Travel also plays a significant role in inspiring my ideas.”

H!: In your opinion, what is the next big design trend in India?

SR: “The latest trend in design is the use of modernist curves, which is gaining popularity. I particularly admire the way such curves are incorporated into furniture and staircases to produce unique, stunning aesthetics.”

H!: What are your favourite restaurants, hotels and shopping destinations?

SR: “Hôtel Costes and Giraffe in Paris. I love shopping in Paris, New York and Dubai.”

H!: How would you describe the design and fashion scene in Hyderabad?

SR: “Hyderabad is fast becoming the fashion capital of the South, with designers from across India opening their stores here. With constantly expanding infrastructure, there’s a lot of scope for architects and interior designers to experiment and look beyond their horizons.”

This has been adapted for the web from a story originally published in the July 2023 issue of HELLO! India. Get our copy of the latest issue right here!