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Alaya F’s Detox Water Will Start Your Day On A Healthy Note

In a world where fitness and healthy lifestyles are a top priority, it’s no surprise that detox drinks have become increasingly popular. And when it comes to gut health, these drinks have been known to do wonders. From expensive products to strict diets, people are always looking for ways to stay healthy. But what if we told you that maintaining gut health could be both easy and affordable?

Enter Alaya F, the rising Bollywood star who has a detox recipe that she swears by. According to the Jawaani Jaaneman actor, this drink is a part of her daily routine and helps her maintain a healthy gut. But what exactly is in this drink, and how does it work? We’re here to spill the tea.

“The easiest way to detox your body? Detox water was a game changer for me. I make a jug of this every morning and drink a few glasses of it throughout the day!”

“Apart from the fact that it’s very tasty, it’s very good for your body. It helps with weight loss, energy levels, pH levels, skin, immunity and is very hydrating,” Alaya wrote in an Instagram post.

How do you make it?







1. Drop a few slices of cucumber in a glass jar.

2. Add lemon wedges.

3. Add mint leaves.

4. Pour in the water and optionally, some ice cubes.

5. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

“It takes only five minutes but makes a huge difference!” Alaya said.

Detox Water Health Benefits

According to wellness experts, Alaya’s preferred detox drink has a range of benefits for the body. The inclusion of lemons in the drink serves as a natural detoxifier, aiding the body in the removal of harmful toxins and boosting metabolism. The addition of mint supports healthy digestion, providing a calming effect on the stomach. Cucumbers, which contain a remarkable 96 percent water, work to provide extra hydration to the body.

What’s more, this infused drink provides a delicious and refreshing alternative to plain water if you’re looking to switch things up. Packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, this concoction is a veritable powerhouse of health benefits, and we can’t wait to start our mornings with it!