Dr Sepp Fegerl

Dr Sepp Fegerl’s Tips On Living A Healthy Life In 2024

Based in Austria, Dr Sepp Fegerl leads a resurgence in a time-honoured medical approach among the global elite. His focus on dietary habits, considering the gut as central to human health, underscores the importance of caloric reduction for mental liberation. In an interview with HELLO!, Dr Fegerl discusses digital detox, mental well-being and the

Woman drinking in bed

Why Are People Drinking Lettuce Water Before Bed?

Listen up, folks! There’s a new wellness trend in town that claims to help get you a proper night’s sleep, something that has become a rarity in the age of countless bingeable shows and infinite scrolling on Instagram. The wellness trend in question has people drinking lettuce water before bed in hopes of drifting off into peaceful slumber. TikTok

Eating Pineapple Benefits

Can Eating Pineapple Before Bed Help You Sleep Better?

An uninterrupted seven to nine hours of sleep can make the difference between feeling like you’ve stepped out of a happy Disney film or feeling more miserable than Maleficent the next day. In the age of infinite scrolling and work-from-home models, getting enough shut-eye has become a luxury. But a new hack that’s been making the rounds of the Inte

Salt in Coffee

Why Are People Adding A Pinch Of Salt To Their Coffee?

Remember how we told you that people have now started adding olive oil to their coffee? The newest viral hack involving adding stuff to your morning brew is salt. Yes. The same salt that’s sitting in a shaker on your dining table at the moment is threatening to replace milk and sugar as the go-to coffee additive and it might not be as crazy as you

Celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit

Pilates Can Change Your Life! Just Ask Namrata Purohit

Celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit, who is also the Pilates instructor to stars like Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Malaika Arora among others, enjoys immense popularity and rightly so. Her Instagram feed is rife with fitness and wellness tips that she shares every now and then with her fans. A serious accident introduced her to the world

Celine Dion

What’s The Rare Disorder That Celine Dion Is Suffering From?

Celine Dion recently shared an emotionally charged video on her Instagram recently where she revealed that she has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. The legendary singer shared that she would be prioritising her health after her diagnosis and would have to postpone her upcoming tours across UK and Europe. Dion revealed that she has