Pregnant woman

New Research Reveals Unborn Babies Hate The Taste Of Kale

Unborn babies and I have a lot in common. Like tiny foetuses, I love compact, dark spaces and want someone to feed me without making any effort myself. Turns out, there’s another similarity between us: We both think kale is disgusting and should not be consumed by humans. Yes, I know kale is a superfood and is packed with tons of fibre, antioxidant

Astronauts on Mars

What Will Happen To Your Body If You Travel To Mars?

With humans on Mars quickly becoming a reality rather than just something Elon Musk says as pillowtalk, a pertinent question has surfaced: What would happen to your body if you travel to Mars? Both NASA and China are planning to send missions with human crews to Mars by 2033. The Artemis missions, NASA’s attempt to reach Moon again, are also going

Artificial sweetener

Give That Artificial Sweetener A Rest, Says Study

If you’re someone who feels like you’ve done your bit for your health by substituting real sugar with artificial sweeteners, then you might need to re-evaluate some of your life choices. These sugar substitutes might seem beneficial for your health with their claims of having zero or no calories, but a new study has discovered some adverse health c

Drink to Keep Your Brain Young

This Popular Drink Could Be The Secret Behind Keeping Your Brain Young

Aside from letting you get through dreary Monday morning meetings and hour-long commutes to work with some semblance of sanity, coffee has many surprising health benefits. Recent research had discovered that regular coffee consumption can benefit your kidney’s health, and now a new study published in the Nutrition Neuroscience journal has claimed t

Yes, Increased Screen Time Affects Your Mental Health In More Ways Than One

It’s becoming more evident day by day that staying indoors, in the safety of your own homes, is the best way to get through the pandemic. The banana breads and online workout tutorials of the first lockdown are a distant memory and we’re back to spending worrying amounts of time in front of our screens, whether it’s to pass time or for work. It’s n

5 Common Habits That Are Not Letting You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

In the age of binge-watching and infinite scrolling, it’s easy to forget that we need at least eight hours of sleep every single day. But skimping on sleep can do more harm than good for you in the long run. Not only will lack of sleep leave you feeling dull and sluggish throughout the day, it can also negatively impact your immune system and menta