Dishes made using Solein

This Company Is Making Bread & Ice Cream Out Of Thin Air

The future is here and we have AI programmes that can make your vacation picture turn into a Van Gogh masterpiece and we have food that has been, literally, conjured out of thin air. The latter is the brainchild of Finland-based startup Solar Foods. The company has managed to create a protein using air, electricity, water, and microbes. This substa

Modular Kitchen

Study Says This Is The Most Unhygienic Spot In Your Kitchen

You don’t need to be a well-functioning adult to know that, while your whole house should be clean and germ-free at all times, the kitchen is the most important room that needs to be free of any harmful contamination. We all know how to keep things hygienic and healthy while preparing a meal, from washing the vegetables the right way to maintaining

Samantha Prabhu Fitness Tips

5 Times Samantha Prabhu Served Lessons In Fitness

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is one of the fittest actors in the South Indian film industry and an inspiration for many. Beyond her successful Telugu and Tamil films, Prabhu is known for her dedication towards improving her physical and mental health. And so, from aerial yoga and equipment-free full body workouts to rope and weight training, it’s no surpri

Elon Musk

What Does Elon Musk Do To Stay Fit & Healthy?

Elon Musk has been making headlines recently for his idiosyncratic Wednesday Addams-esque tech takeovers, his bizarre (albeit sold out) ‘burnt hair’ perfume and his noticeable weight loss and a fitter appearance at 51. Even the billionaire has to work hard at staying in great shape. “The older I get, the harder [it is] to stay lean, that’s for sure

Dried seaweed

5 Reasons Why Seaweed Needs To Be A Part Of Your Diet

On the face of it, seaweed shouldn’t be appealing at all. It’s slimy and slippery and definitely not the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear ‘healthy greens’. But it has gained popularity as a superfood in its own right over the past few years. Seaweed has been a staple in East Asian cuisines for hundreds of years. It started seeping

Justin Bieber

Did You Hear? Justin Bieber Just Cancelled His World Tour

Justin Bieber just announced that he will be taking a break from his Justice World Tour due to his health crisis. The ‘Sorry’ singer had earlier suspended his tour in June after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused his face to be partially paralyzed. At the time, Bieber had taken to Instagram to share an update regarding his heal