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7 Fitness Experts To Follow For A Healthier Lifestyle

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HELLO! brings you tried-and-tested experts who will have you at your fittest before (and after) the festive and wedding season.

Get Fit With Sid by Siddharth Singh (@getfitwithsid_official)

A footballer turned fitness specialist, Siddharth Singh was instrumental in helping Kareena Kapoor Khan get back to postpartum shape. ‘GETFITWITHSID’ offers an array of services, from holistic lifestyle transformation programmes to offline and on-ground boot-camp experiences that also come customised, based on personal needs and body type. This performance-specialist is definitely the guy you want to sign up with next!

HELLO! Recommends: The ‘Get Fit or Die Trying 28-Day Challenge’. It’s unique, challenging, result-focused and can be done by all fitness levels.

Rujuta Diwekar (@rujuta.diwekar)

There’s a reason why Rujuta Diwekar is one of the most celebrated health professionals in the country — she propagates the idea of smart eating instead of dieting, has multiple books to her name and is a trusted dietician to the stars (Kareena Kapoor Khan swears by her). She and her team of experts offer online consultations that comprise meal plans, check-in calls and exercises based on your fitness levels. You could also pick up one of her many books, since they offer a basic knowledge of her approach.

HELLO! Recommends: A three-month programme with Diwekar and her team. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to alter your eating habits.

Sohfit by Sohrab Khushrushahi (@sohfitofficial)

Alia Bhatt is a loyalist, and that should be all the convincing you need. Sohrab Khushrushahi’s SOHFIT is perfect for those looking to change their approach to health and fitness. The #Sohfit40DayChallenge was all the rage during the pandemic. The team offers boot camps, personal training and a buddy programme that’s ideal for those who prefer in-person training. Trust us when we say that once you’ve tried SOHFIT, you can’t do anything else.

HELLO! Recommends: Their Raw Functional Training India Movement, a two-week online programme.

Fts Fitness by Avinash Mansukhani (@fight.the.sunrise)

During the lockdown, Avinash Mansukhani’s personalised workout and nutrition plans got scores of people to shed their unwanted kilos. His programmes get you to your goals in a healthy and balanced way without having you give up things you love. Just be prepared for intense workouts that will challenge your body. So it’s a no-brainer that when it’s time to shine on your big day, this specialist will get you results that last long after your wedding.

HELLO! Recommends: Mansukhani’s #thatlehengabod and #thatgroomflex programmes.

Boxfit (

They created quite a stir online with their transformation posts and infamous #MovieStarBody challenge. Having tried them out ourselves, we have to admit that the workouts are fun, engaging and quite effective. Composed of well-rounded programmes that comprise online classes, meal plans, a WhatsApp group where you can interact with instructors and other fitness enthusiasts, Boxfit is a fitness community, one you should be a part of.

HELLO! Recommends: Their 21-Day Movie Star Body Challenge. It’s short, effective and a lot of fun.

The Pilates Studio by Namrata Purohit (@thepilatesstudiomumbai)

Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Malaika Arora are all part of her client lis. One of the country’s first Pilates trainers, Namrata Purohit’s Pilates Studio is where you need to go if you’re looking for a change from run- of-the-mill workouts. Think mat pilates, reformer exercises and carefully planned classes that challenge you and give you long, lean muscles. With studios in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and other cities across India, it’s easier to access than you think.

HELLO! Recommends: Personal training so you can really focus on your fitness goals and level up with each class.

Sumaya Dalmia (@sumayadalmia)

If group workouts and pre-set routines aren’t your cup of tea, then Sumaya Dalmia is the answer to your problems. One of the most acclaimed health and fitness experts, she and her team of carefully selected and trained experts believe in individual plans, firm in their belief that all bodies are different and have goals that are different. From Pilates to CrossFit and yoga, her setup offers a variety of workouts at The Lodhi and Zehen in Delhi and at Ananda In The Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

HELLO! Recommends: Dalmia’s Pilates sessions. They are well-rounded for those looking to increase flexibility while also building strength.

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