9-5 trend

Decoding The ‘5-9 Before 9-5’ Wellness And Lifestyle Trend

Have you found yourself scrolling through social media, only to come across posts showcasing elaborate morning routines labelled as ‘5-9,’ while you struggle to roll out of bed five minutes before your first Zoom meeting? If so, you’re not alone. The trend of ‘5-9 before 9-5’ has been gaining traction, leaving many of us intrigued and perhaps a tad

Resting while listening to audio

‘Non-Sleep Deep Rest’ Is The Wellness Trend You Need To Try In 2024

In the time of the cursed allure of infinite scrolling and full seasons of TV shows available to be streamed in just a few clicks, a good night’s sleep has become a treasure that remains elusive to most of us. But what if we tell you that there’s a way you can get the benefits of restful sleep without actually dozing off? If this intrigues you, the

Malini Ramani

6 Women Spill The Secrets To Living A Truly Fulfilling Life

Moving from the bustling city chaos to a more deliberate pace, these powerhouse women spill the secrets to a fulfilling life — embracing serenity while discovering balance, purpose and the sheer joy of intentional living. Exhausted From The Whirlwind, She Opted For Change, Surrendering To A Higher Power Over the years, I found myself feeling discon

Woman drinking in bed

Why Are People Drinking Lettuce Water Before Bed?

Listen up, folks! There’s a new wellness trend in town that claims to help get you a proper night’s sleep, something that has become a rarity in the age of countless bingeable shows and infinite scrolling on Instagram. The wellness trend in question has people drinking lettuce water before bed in hopes of drifting off into peaceful slumber. TikTok

Prince Charles and Camilla at Soukya

What Goes Behind Running A Wellness Centre Loved By Royals?

Issac Mithai’s holistic health centre in Bengaluru is a hot favourite with not only the British royalty, but several A-listers from across the globe. HELLO! speaks with the man behind Soukya, a world- renowned wellness centre. HELLO!: You were one of the few Indians invited to attend the late queen’s ceremony in London. What’s your connection with

Shakira Performs in concert at Madison Square

Fitness Tips That Keep Shakira’s Hips Shaking & Skin Glowing

Three time Grammy-winner and mum of two, Shakira is one of the world’s most famous singers and performers. It’s no surprise that the ‘Waka Waka’ hitmaker works really hard to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle even when she isn’t preparing for things like stadium concerts, Super Bowls and FIFA openings. Aside from extra activity (i.e. a lot