Vasudha Rai’s New Book

Vasudha Rai’s New Book Will Make You Fall In Love With Rituals

I have a confession to make. I tend to avoid self-help books with the same enthusiasm as I consume the many iterations of ‘Get Washboard Abs In 10 Days’ videos that populate my ‘For You’ page. Now I’m under no illusion that these fast-paced videos, often set to peppy tunes, will actually give me the promised washboard abs of my dreams. I know it’s

Benefits of Yoga

Everything You Need To Know About Yoga And Its Benefits

Yoga has gained worldwide recognition across the world for being a form of exercise that not only has physical benefits but also psychological ones. With its roots in India, Yoga has evolved over centuries and is now slowly gaining popularity in the west. Today, there are many variations of the ancient wellness activity cropping up and millions of

Dental Oil Pulling

All You Need To Know About Dental Oil Pulling

The popularity of oil pulling, which is an ancient Ayurvedic practice from India to improve dental health, is resurging in the country after being raved about by health enthusiasts in western countries. It is a practice of swishing edible oil in your mouth with an aim to clean and whiten your teeth naturally. This method has been around for thousan