Katrina Kaif breakfast© Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif’s Nutritionist Reveals Her Best-Kept Diet Secrets

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Whether it’s slaying complex dance numbers or executing intense action sequences, there’s nobody who is doing it like Katrina Kaif. The actress is inarguably one of the fittest celebrities in the industry and one of the biggest reasons behind it is her regulated diet.

Shweta Shah, the go-to nutritionist of the Zero actress and the founder of Eatfit 24/7, says that it’s all down to a clean and organic diet. “She likes to keep her diet very basic and natural and avoids any processed products. She also gives importance to protein as she works out daily,” says Shah.

We got the celebrity nutritionist to break down the key elements of Kaif’s diet for us…

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and Kaif knows exactly what gets her ready for the day ahead. “In the morning, she has eight soaked raisins, to keep her body’s alkaline levels regulated, followed by a glass of ash gourd juice,” reveals Shah, adding that she follows this routine religiously.

Home-cooked meals over everything

Nothing can beat a good home-cooked meal when it comes to taste and nutrients. According to Shah, the actress loves to have at least two home-cooked meals in a day which are a mix of Asian and Indian cuisines. “Her favourite meals include steamed fish, edamame and avocado salad, zucchini or quinoa pancakes, lentil stews, lettuce wraps and zoodles, and vegetable soups mostly drumstick and broccoli.”

No such thing as cheat days

“She never has cheat days as such because she is a balanced person,” says Shah, “She has some off days when she travels for shoots but she is a very disciplined person.” Whenever Kaif deviates from her strict diet, she compensates by detoxifying her body and getting back on track. “She has a hectic work schedule while shooting but even then she eats the simplest home-cooked meals and doesn’t change her diet in any way, even if she is busy.”

When the sweet cravings hit, the actress relies on homemade date balls to satiate them.

Gut health is key

Shah says that Kaif is not the one to follow trendy diets or fads. The one thing that she absolutely avoids in her diet is dairy and gluten. “She has gone completely dairy-free, and gluten-free. Being dairy and gluten-free prevents her from having gut-related ailments and keeps her gut healthy.”

Sustainable diet

One lesson that Shah feels everyone should take from the actress’ diet is to understand your own body’s needs and not treat healthy eating as punishment. This would not allow you to sustain it for a long time. “Katrina is a very disciplined person, and she knows her body very well. Everybody should learn how their body works, just like she does. She never looks at her diet as a punishment to shred some weight, rather her approach is very sustainable. She also balances her diet and workout well. I think this is what makes her very fit and healthy.”