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brazilian lemonade

This Brazilian Lemonade Is The Summer Drink Of Your Dreams

This Brazilian lemonade—the latest viral drink on the internet—lives up to the hype! To clear things up, this lemonade is not made from lemons but from limes. The reason for the naming discrepancy is rooted in translation. In Portuguese, the term ‘limão’ is used for limes, so the beverage is commonly referred to as ‘limonada’ in Brazil. Similarly,

Vicky Kaushal

This Drink Recipe Is The Key To Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Soul’

Whether you’re eating a lip-smacking thali or a plate loaded with scrumptious kebabs and chicken tikkas, sometimes the meal feels incomplete without a refreshing drink. Now, there are a host of options when it comes to drinks accompanying meals, including iced teas, coffees, soft drinks or juices. However, no drink can top certain traditional, regi

Ayushmann Khurrana

You Need To Try Ayushmann Khurrana’s Desi Protein Shake

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana shared a desi protein shake recipe during the lockdown era in 2020, and it includes something called sattu. The Doctor G actor revealed that this homemade drink can be made using just two ingredients—sattu (roasted gram powder) and buttermilk (chaas). Yes, it’s that simple! Khurrana has, on many occasions, spoken against th