Make Up Trend

Coquette make-up trend

Here's How To Ace The Coquette Make-Up Trend Easily

Hyper-feminine and slightly whimsical, the newest trendy aesthetic draws inspiration from the romanticism of the coquette archetype. It typically involves soft, doll-like features and focuses on enhancing natural beauty with subtle touches of playfulness. The coquette make-up trend delves into a world of flirtatious femininity, merging vintage char

Viral Make-Up Hacks

5 Viral Make-Up Hacks You Need to Try Immediately

Not even a week goes by without the emergence of new viral make-up hacks on the internet that promise you an easier life and a prettier face. Most of the times these tricks elicit gorgeous results—hence, the viral status, I guess—while some simply give off whimsical 2012 ‘5-Minute–Crafts’ vibes and turn out to be flops. But when it comes to make-up

Vampire Skin Trend

Twilight Fans Rejoice! Vampire Skin Is Officially Trending

Are you one of those people who grew up watching and reading the Twilight series and were a true blue #TeamEdward fan? Then listen up, because this new make-up trend is going to be your new favourite. Remember when Edward tries to expose himself as a vampire to get himself killed, and as he steps into the sun he starts sparkling like a human disco