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Crying Make-Up Is The Ultimate Sad Girl Autumn Beauty Look

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

For all the people who love to watch themselves cry, this beauty trend might just interest you. We are now officially entering sad girl autumn and embracing the flushed cheeks and glossy eyes with total pride.

After season two of Euphoria, people around the world were obsessed with Cassie’s iconic crying look and everyone was trying to recreate it. The ‘sad girl’ aesthetic was slowly gaining popularity.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, and Billie Eilish were opening up about their struggles with mental health and the pressures they were facing, and how they were channelling that energy into art. So, obviously, TikTok had to make a beauty trend out of it.

TikTok beauty creator, Zoe Kim Kenealy created a tutorial on the “crying make-up” that currently has 2.8 million views and counting. And, lucky for us, Kenealy showed us exactly how to get this look.

How To Get This Look


According to Kenealy, opt for a soft, blush pink lip that creates the perfect pout. Next, blend the edges so you can achieve that ‘cried out’ look better. Be sure to top your lips with some clear gloss to really make them pop.

Cheeks and Nose

Take a warm pink blush and subtly add it to your cheeks and nose in the ‘w’ shape. Then, add a little bit of a dewy highlighter on your cheekbones to bring that extra glow.


You can use the same blush on your eyelids and a little bit on the under-eye region to create a soft look. Finally, take a silver liquid eyeshadow or powder and just add a tiny bit under your eyes and in the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of tears. To finish it off, add the glitter or a dewy highlighter on your cupid’s bow and chin.