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rockstar gf makeup

A Guide To Nailing The ‘Rockstar Girlfriend’ Make-Up Trend

As the new year blooms and the echoes of Daisy Jones & the Six from 2023 still resonate, a new beauty trend is stealing the spotlight—rockstar girlfriend glam. Forget the misconception that you need a backstage pass or a guitarist on speed dial; this grunge-inspired make-up look is all about channeling your inner rockstar. So, let’s explore the nua

Washed Denim Eyeshadow Make-up Trend

‘Washed Denim’ Eyeshadow Is Every It-Girl’s Make-up Uniform

In the ever-revolving carousel of beauty trends, the ‘washed denim’ eye make-up is the latest phenomena capturing attention and headlines. And with it, the world has now been blessed with yet another comeback trend from the glorious ’00s era. Picture this: A subtle yet stunning wash of light denim or baby blue eyeshadow, gracing the eyelids and ext

Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Make-Up

Guide To Recreating Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Make-Up Look

Move over vanilla and latte girls, there’s a new trend in town. Hailey Bieber has recently bought the strawberry make-up look to attention and its result is as sweet as a basket of ripe strawberries on a summer’s day. Recently, the model and Rhode Skin founder made waves by sporting the TikTok-famous ‘latte’ make-up, but she’s since moved on. Now,

mascara cocktail trend

‘Mascara Cocktailing’ Will Give You The Fluttery Lashes Of Your Dreams

Move over, traditional mascara, there’s a hot new trend taking over TikTok, and it’s all about achieving the most enviable lashes ever. Say hello to mascara cocktailing, a playful technique that involves mixing not just one, but multiple mascaras together to create a custom lash look. It’s like creating your own signature cocktail, but for your las

Vampire Skin Trend

Twilight Fans Rejoice! Vampire Skin Is Officially Trending

Are you one of those people who grew up watching and reading the Twilight series and were a true blue #TeamEdward fan? Then listen up, because this new make-up trend is going to be your new favourite. Remember when Edward tries to expose himself as a vampire to get himself killed, and as he steps into the sun he starts sparkling like a human disco

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ICYMI, ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Are Hot News Right Now!

‘Sleepy Eyes’ is one of Gen Z’s latest beauty obsessions and it’s giving ‘exhaustion’. With a plethora of new TikTok and Instagram make-up and aesthetic trends fuelling my curiosity about what the younger generations think is cool, this one seems eerily similar to the ‘heroin chic’ trend from the early ’90s. Characterised by pale skin, dark circles