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I'm cold makeup trend

‘I’m Cold’ Make-Up Is Perfect For Your Next Holiday Party

First popularised and coined by make-up artist Zoe Kim Kenealy, social media’s latest obsession is the “I’m cold” look, which emulates the weather-beaten, blushed winter face, but in a way cuter form. The frosty and serotonin-inducing ‘Hallmark Holiday’ look is essentially a seasonal version of the sunburned make-up trend that was all over the inte

Anti-Mascara Beauty Trend

The Anti-Mascara Trend Is What You Need In Your Life

Hallelujah! TikTok has given us yet another way to use our mascara and now our lives will never be the same. The anti-mascara phenomenon has been creating some major waves on social media with some of our favourite beauty influencers getting really creative as they serve up some really cool eye make-up looks. While we’re used to using mascara only

Kidcore Vibrant Make-Up

Kidcore Is The Trendy Vibrant Make-Up Aesthetic You Need To Try

Branching out from the trending Y2K trend that stormed the internet, colourful, vibrant, and even slightly psychedelic, kidcore is taking over the beautyverse. An aesthetic that takes you down memory lane while also giving a nod to your wild side, kidcore is for everyone who loves to bring in colour and light into their life. MORE: 15 Beauty Trends