Under Eye Shadow© Eva Rasoyan

Under Eye Shadow Is The Edgy Make-Up Trend We Needed

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Getting that perfect cut crease eye is not an easy task to take on. While many do love a bold-eye moment, there are those of us who love to bring in a pop of colour that’s not quite so bold and is easier to master. Recently, the Internet is filled with vibrant ‘undershadow’ looks which, unlike the conventional method, doesn’t go on the eyelids. In an expert-approved twist, it actually goes on your lower lash line.

Subtle, classy and super fun, undershadow is the make-up look you need to cop for this festive season!

How To Recreate The Undershadow Make-Up Look

You can start by priming your eye area and following it up with a lightweight concealer that will help the colour blend in smoothly. Set the concealer in with a setting or a translucent powder. Before you add a pop of colour, it’s important to create a balanced look on your upper lid, so, you can either add a winged eyeliner or opt for a subtle eyeshadow that will give it a soft look. Then, with a short angled or thin eyeshadow brush, choose the most eccentric colour in your palette and pat it on your undereye. Make sure that the colour pigment is applied directly under your eyes in a proper line to create a significant pop. If you want the lower line to be more pigmented, you can always line your lower lash line with a matching eye pencil.

And there you have it!