White Concealer Viral Trend© Pexels

Do We Vibe With The White Concealer Viral Trend?

Listen up beauty junkies! There’s a new make-up trend on the block—and this time it’s something Gen Z has borrowed from the ’90s and early 2000s babies. The latest viral hack taking over TikTok is the white concealer trend for an ultra-glam Kardashian-esque under eye look. First brought to light by TikTok creator @blumarinebae, whose video blew up and garnered millions of likes, the white concealer trend is something we’re curious to try.

The technique, which was a well-kept beauty secret used by make-up artists on A-list Hollywood celebrities to give them an ethereal glow, involves applying bright white concealer under your regular one to brighten up your under eyes. When done properly, it promises to instantly liven up your face and make your eyes appear wider and more awake.

The trend was also put to the test by the queen of beauty YouTube, NikkieTutorials, and received a huge thumbs up. Like most of us, she was sceptical at first, but ended up being blown away by its ‘eye-opening’ results. For a more natural finish, Nikkie blended her foundation into the stark white concealer, creating a custom concealer shade of sorts, and then revealed a significantly illuminated and flawless under eye area.

The effect that this trick produces is more than just highlighter on crack, and the reason why it has worked for so many people on the internet is because it adds a lot of opacity to the coverage, and also helps reflect light beautifully off the usually dull and dark under eye area. The white under your normal foundation or concealer shade almost camouflages or masks the skin underneath and prevents the darkness from peeking through. It acts like a proxy colour corrector and lifts and brightens up your facial features by bringing in focus on them, along with combatting existing discolouration.

So, what are the steps to achieve this super glamorous old Hollywood aesthetic?

  1. Start with applying white concealer on your under eyes and blend it nicely.
  2. Top this off with your normal concealer or foundation or even tinted moisturiser, depending on how light or heavy you want the coverage to be, and blend it all together with a damp make-up sponge.
  3. Add more of the concealer toward your nose area and near the outer corners of your eyes to mimic a lifted and ‘snatched’ look. Once you’ve blended everything properly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

For those who use two concealer shades to achieve a bright under eye in their daily make-up routine anyway, this could be a great way to switch it up and have fun with the process. Even if it appears messy during application, we urge you to ‘trust the process’ and try this hack out for yourself.

The best part? This concealer trick can be used by people of all skin tones, because when mixed together with your own unique skin-toned foundation or concealer, the white shade sneakily illuminates the under eye area without leaving behind a white cast. If applied impeccably, the concealer also looks stunning under a camera flash and doesn’t give you the dreaded flashback effect in pictures either. It goes without saying that this concealer hack requires you to layer on all your base products as per usual and finish the rest of the process—blush, concealer, bronzer, eyebrows, powder—the whole nine yards, to achieve a gorgeous final look with dazzling under eyes.

So, if you, like us, are ready to look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep, instead of four, and achieve lifted, brightened and gleaming under eyes, go grab a white concealer, and try the dark-circle-erasing hack now!