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‘Latte Make-Up’ Is The Perfect Look For A Beach Vacation

Get ready to sip on the latest trend brewing in the beauty world, our fellow make-up enthusiasts! There’s a new contender on TikTok, poised to steal the spotlight from the ever-popular ‘Vanilla girl’ or the ‘Golden Hour’ aesthetic.

Say hello to ‘latte make-up’ or ‘latte girl make-up,’ a delightful concoction that combines the beachy bronze vibe with monochrome caramel, tan, buff, and amber shades. It’s time to bring that warm and milky, yet effortless, glow to your make-up routine.

Now, before we dive into the step-by-step process of achieving this breezy latte look, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the TikTok trailblazers responsible for its rise to fame. Creator Rachel Rigler introduced the term ‘latte make-up’ in a video that quickly garnered millions of views. Her bronzed beauty inspiration caught fire, and the hashtag #lattemakeup has since amassed a staggering ten million views. Talk about a caffeinated beauty revolution!

To break it down for you, the latte girl trend is all about embracing those warm, bronze-y tones that will make you feel like a beachside goddess. But here’s the secret ingredient: minimal coverage. Yes, my friends, less is more in the world of latte make-up. Rigler advises avoiding the nose area, letting your natural freckles shine through. This clever trick gives the illusion of wearing less make-up than you actually are—a sneaky and brilliant move, indeed!

Now, let’s turn to the expert advice of make-up artist Tanielle Jai, the creative genius behind many of the inspo looks you’ve seen on the internet and in Rigler’s viral video. Jai explains in a detailed Instagram post that the key to achieving the perfect latte make-up is sticking to yellow-based products for that monochromatic caramel allure. Say goodbye to red tones and hello to a warm, dreamy complexion!

Jai starts her masterpiece with the Iconic London Radiance Booster tinted moisturiser, applying it around the outer edges of the face. Foundation? Not necessary! Latte make-up embraces the magic of bronzer instead. Jai contours her cheekbones with bronzer, effortlessly blending it through the eyes and up for that sun-kissed glow. She even sweeps it along the lower lash line to add dimension and open up those beautiful eyes. Next, she works her magic with concealer, ensuring a seamless blend.

When it comes to eyes, Jai loves to venture into uncharted territory. She often reaches for lip liners, opting for nude brown shades. With a gentle hand, she traces the lower lash line, winging it out and blending it through the crease for that perfect sultry look. To add depth and dimension, Jai recommends Sigma Ambiance palette’s shade ‘Bask’ or Melt Cosmetics’ Gemini palette for those richer tones.

If you’re feeling fancy, a smidge of shimmer in the centre of your eyelids will take your latte make-up to the next level. But remember, we’re staying away from black eyeliner in this caffeinated adventure. Brown is the name of the game! Jai suggests a touch of wedge eyeliner in the outer corner for a subtle lift, although it’s entirely optional. Finish off your eye masterpiece with generous coats of mascara on the top lashes and a touch of shimmer in the inner corners for that extra twinkle.

Completing the look, Jai adds a touch of powder in the centre of the face to maintain a natural glow without going overboard. To achieve that summer-y vibe, she recommends adding freckles. And the pièce de résistance—the lips! Jai reaches for a honey-coloured lip liner pencil, pairing it with a nude lipstick for that perfect latte pout. Oak or Cork from MAC are her go-to shades, providing the perfect finishing touch.

And voila! You are now a certified latte make-up aficionado.