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5 Viral Makeup Looks From 2022 To Try For New Year’s Eve

2022 is at its end and we can’t help but look back at the year gone by and after a season filled with sunburn blush, extra glossy and lined lips, dewy skin, graphic eyeliner and the Wednesday-inspired soft-goth glam, we can’t wait to see what the next year might have in store for us.

But before we write off this year’s makeup trends as ‘so last year,’ we have picked out a bunch of good ones as inspiration for your New Year’s Eve party look. So, grab your makeup bag and get your beauty mood board ready because these looks are so good you’ll want to copy them ASAP.

There’s really no better place to pull out all the stops with glitter eyeshadow, dramatic lips, and fun blush colours than an NYE party—but with so many options, where do you begin?

Read on to recap the makeup trends that have dominated our Instagram feeds this year and learn how to replicate them to up your glam quotient this New Year’s.

Glazed Glam

We’re going to unofficially crown Hailey Bieber as the beauty queen of 2022 for serving us nonstop makeup inspiration. Glazed-donut skin was one of the biggest trends of the year thanks to Little Miss Skincare, so why not ring in the new year sporting this naturally glowy makeup look? Take a page from Bieber’s book and opt for ultra-glossy lips and shimmery eye shadow.

  1. The key to mastering this aesthetic is prepping your skin with exfoliation and cleansing, followed by applying a moisturiser that leaves it dewy and plump.
  2. Then, follow up with a lightweight formula for your base makeup, like a skin tint, BB cream, or sheer foundation and concealer. Make sure you fluff out your brows, set your base with a powder and setting spray, and apply your highlighter and bronzer.
  3. The Rhode skincare founder gave us glazed donut skin and nails, and also bestowed on us her lip vibe for fall: the brownie glazed lip. All you need to recreate this look is a brown mauve lip liner and clear gloss. Slightly overline your lips with a lip liner.
  4. Then, gently pat it into the skin to smudge and set the colour.
  5. Finally, go in with a high-shine clear gloss for the ultimate glossy brown lip for your NYE party.

Y2K-inspired eye jewels

Euphoria may be what initially made this trend a rage, but thanks to the resurgence of everything Y2K, specifically the bedazzled craze, it’s here to stay. Whether you adorn your brows with some jewels like the disco era, place them strategically on and around your eyelids, or go all out à la Dove Cameron at the 2022 Met Gala, there’s no wrong way to create this look.

What makes Euphoria-inspired makeup perfect for year-end festivities is its anti-perfectionist approach which embraces the messiness that comes with creativity. It’s experimentation without worrying about perfection, championing self-expression and owning how you want to be seen by the world. It’s still expressive and playful, but much more carefree.

  1. For the best results, try mapping out your jewel placement with liquid liner first, so you have a reference line to follow.
  2. Amp up the look with bright purple eyeshadow, glossy lips, brushed up brows and lots of blush like Maddy Perez.

The Marinated-grunge look

Marinated make-up’ was the Internet’s latest take on the grungy, post-covid resurgence of nightlife and ‘90s and Y2K nostalgia. This trend pays homage to pop culture and teen angst icons Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen and the likes, featuring a messy, ‘up-all-night,’ smudged-eyeliner-and-swollen-lips look.

The ‘90s grunge aesthetic is for all those who aren’t afraid to unapologetically sweat their hearts out in the club or go on a week-long bender, and are cool with their messed up flyaway hairs, smudged make-up and undone looks, as long as they’re genuinely having fun, which is the perfect vibe for a NYE party, don’t you think?

  1. First apply moisturiser, and follow up with a light layer of foundation or concealer only in required spots and areas.
  2. Then, dab your cheekbones and other high points of your face with a touch of glossy, shimmer-free highlighter for a glazed, sweaty look.
  3. Then, apply copious amounts of cream blush for that flushed look, and draw on some faux freckles with a soft brown eyeshadow or eye pencil. Buff and blend these out with your fingers.
  4. For the signature bitten-lip look, softly line the lips and diffuse edges. Put on a blush rose lip colour to the centre of your lips for an almost-faded lipstick look, and top it off with a subtle cherry shade to emulate a natural flush.
  5. Use a plumping lip gloss and let all this makeup ‘marinate’ in the setting spray for a while. Remember, the messier, the better!

Wednesday-inspired soft-goth glam

The world of the weird is having a major moment through Netflix’s latest fantasy release: Wednesday, which has spent the past week in the number one spot on the streaming platform. The loose adaptation of The Addams Family, a brain child of Tim Burton himself, revolves around the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams; a character that had first been made screen-famous via Christina Ricci’s rendition in the 1991 film.

Wednesday’s dark, goth lip, smokey eye shadow, hollowed-out cheeks and contoured jawline is a perfect encapsulation of her spooky character.

  1. Draw the hollow contours of the cheeks with a bronzer for that half dead look.
  2. Start off the eyeshadow look by blending a warm brown shade on your lid, crease, and under eye. Next, apply a true black shade underneath your eye and swipe a darker shade onto the upper lash line and smoke it out with a brush.
  3. Once that is done, apply a soft red eyeshadow shade underneath your eyes to channel just the right amount of sleep-deprived and goth energy.
  4. If you aren’t blessed with natural freckles, this is the point where you can draw on some faux ones with a pointy brown eye pencil or a brown eye shadow and a sharp brush.
  5. For the lips, use a dark plum or burgundy/purple lip colour mixed with clear balm, and voila!

The ‘cold girl’ look

First popularised and coined by make-up artist Zoe Kim Kenealy, social media’s latest obsession is the “I’m cold” look, which emulates the weather-beaten, blushed winter face, but in a cuter form. The frosty and serotonin-inducing ‘Hallmark Holiday’ look is essentially a seasonal version of the sunburned make-up trend that was all over the internet this summer, and, to everyone’s delight, it involves copious amounts of blush.

The look involves a few key things - blush, (a lot of it), iridescent white eyeshadow from the depths of your forgotten make-up stash, sticky lip gloss and translucent powder, and you’re set!

  1. To get the look, start by applying a matte or semi matte foundation or skin tint to achieve an even and smooth base.
  2. Lightly illuminate the under-eyes with a gentle sweep of brightening concealer, and set the entire face with a matte translucent powder.
  3. Generously swirl powder or cream blush along the apples of your cheeks, eyelids and mainly on the tip of your nose for a bright Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer type of aesthetic. Don’t connect the blush of the cheeks to your nose to achieve an authentic winter look.
  4. Diffuse the intensity and blend it all together with another dusting of matte powder.
  5. Add a white highlighting pencil in the inner corners of your eyes and on the tip of your nose for an angelic glistening effect.
  6. Finish with eyeliner, mascara and a blush-toned soft matte lip stain in a warm tone. Line your lips roughly before applying your lipstick and diffuse it with your fingers.
  7. Blot off any excess lip colour with a tissue to tie in the entire makeup look.