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Hanna Khan On How To Give Traditional Outfits A Modern Twist

Fashion has long been Hanna Khan’s muse and her mode of self-expression. With a discerning eye for style, she effortlessly weaves tradition and modernity into her unique fashion narrative. Hanna’s journey from the heart of her family’s embroidery export business to the vibrant realm of fashion blogging is an inspiring tale of passion and perseverance.

Before Hanna ventured into the world of full-time fashion influencing, she was immersed in the family business, where she played a pivotal role for nearly four years. Her early exposure to the world of fabrics, patterns, and craftsmanship ignited her passion for fashion. It was in 2019 that she took her first bold step into the world of content creation, all while continuing to work alongside her father’s company.

It was during this transitional phase that Hanna embarked on her influencer journey, striking a pose for her debut photoshoot where she styled and showcased pieces from her personal wardrobe. Her evolution as a fashion influencer has been marked by a gradual, yet steady ascent. Hanna’s authentic style and outfit choices have garnered the admiration of fashion enthusiasts around the world, earning her the spotlight she enjoys today.

Having said that, staying ahead of trends can be both exhilarating and challenging. So, to shed some light on the current festive fashion landscape, we picked Hanna’s brain on the latest festive trends, her personal style, and the keys to success in the world of content creation.

Current Festive Fashion Trends

The conversation kicks off with a question about the hottest festive fashion trends. Hanna, with her finger on the pulse of the industry, shares her perspective. “As a silhouette, I feel saris have definitely made a comeback. This year, saris are the new lehengas,” she declares, providing a fresh take on a classic style. Hanna’s keen eye for detail extends to interesting drapes and flows in saris, bringing a contemporary twist to this traditional garment.

“Another trend that I really see when it comes to festive wear is probably cape jackets, which is something people are really following right now,” she adds. The blogger enthusiastically observes a shift in fashion preferences.

“Traditional, classic, and mundane silhouettes are no longer the desired choice for people. It seems they’re embracing a more playful approach. Think of a skirt paired with a stylish blazer or a chic long cape jacket combined with trousers. The key, I believe, is to infuse these modern ensembles with the timeless elegance of traditional Indian jewellery. The essence lies in the art of experimenting with your style.” Hanna’s insight reflects a dynamic shift towards more versatile and imaginative fashion choices that resonate with contemporary tastes.

Adding Modernity To Traditional Outfits

Festive fashion often demands a balance between tradition and personal style. Hanna offers her favourite personal styling hack for adding a modern twist to traditional outfits. “Wear emeralds or something that’s slightly more modern rather than traditional polki jewellery with a traditional outfit to give it that balance,” she suggests. Hanna also emphasises the significance of her choice in accessories, “Accessories play a pivotal role in this transformation.”

For Hanna, it’s all about striking the right balance. When she dons a traditional outfit, she doesn’t shy away from adding a contemporary twist. This can be achieved by opting for an edgy bag or a sleek clutch that complements the attire perfectly. “I’ll probably reach out for a statement clutch like an Alexander McQueen or a Judith Leiber to add that edge and touch of modernity to a very traditional look,” she explains.

In its essence, Hanna’s approach revolves around seamlessly creating a fashion-forward yet culturally rich ensemble. This clever approach ensures that you can shine in both classic and contemporary settings.

Memorable Moments In The Influencing Journey

Hanna’s journey as an influencer has been quite the ride, and she doesn’t hesitate to recount a standout moment in her career. “I made my debut at Paris Couture Week,” she says. The excitement in her voice is palpable, as she takes us behind the scenes of this achievement.

From attending the Elie Saab show to representing Indian designers like Rahul Mishra and Gaurav Gupta, Hanna’s journey to Couture Week paints a vivid picture of glamour. As she reflects on the experience, it’s evident that her personal style and creativity played a significant role in her rise to prominence.

Sources Of Inspiration

For those seeking inspiration, Hanna credits her family for her sense of fashion. “I feel for me, honestly, a lot of my fashion inspiration has come personally from my family,” she admits. Her sister Ohaila Khan, a renowned designer, and her mother, have been her guiding lights, instilling a sense of timeless style. She encourages staying true to your personal taste rather than blindly following trends.

Favourite Festive Wear Brands

As the conversation wraps up, Hanna mentions some of her favourite clothing brands for festive wear. “I think Mulmul does a great job as a brand,” she commends. Her sister’s eponymous brand is at the forefront of her choices, offering trendsetting styles that encapsulate the essence of modern Indian fashion. “[My sister, Ohaila Khan] has been nailing three prominent trends—feather saris, cherry red outfits, and mermaid skirts with capes. Her unique take on these styles makes her an obvious choice to mention,” Hanna gushes.

“There’s also another brand, Sobariko, that caught my eye. Their black brocade jumpsuit featured in one of my reels received a fantastic response. The blend of the classic black colour, the traditional touch of golden brocade embroidery, and the Indo-Western silhouette contributed to its popularity,” the fashionista shares. Hanna also admires brands that offer classic white chikankari and anarkali styles.

Advice For Aspiring Influencers

Aspiring influencers often look up to seasoned professionals for guidance. Hanna’s advice is clear: “Stay true to your personal style.” She emphasises the importance of authenticity and connecting with the audience on a personal level. Hanna believes that true influencers should inspire rather than be influenced. “Come up with your own content ideas,” she advises, underlining the need to stand out in a crowded field.