Deepika Padukone

5 Ways Deepika Padukone Levels Up A Basic Black Gown

Whether you love Bollywood or fashion, it is hard not to be acquainted with Deepika Padukone’s love for the colour black. Served in endless silhouettes, a quick browse through her style files will prove that a statement black gown is her sartorial signature on the red carpet. READ: A Guide To Styling Tips For Every Body Type However, if you have be

15 Times Fashion Designers Got Inspired By Iconic Artworks

As artist Andy Warhol rightly said, “Fashion is more art than art is.” The two have had a long-standing love affair for aeons, with fashion designers many a time turning to iconic artwork for inspiration, fascinated by the transformative wonders of paints and colours. From D&G and Hermès to YSL, Valentino and Versace, we bring you a few special des

Post-Pandemic Bridal Wardrobe

Here’s What The Post-Pandemic Bridal Wardrobe Looks Like

As the dust settles from the pandemic, it is time to acknowledge that we are no longer the same as before. Priorities have changed, mindsets have shifted and there’s an added sense of consciousness in all aspects of life. Unsurprisingly, the spectacle of the big fat Indian wedding hasn’t been immune either. With mindfulness seeping into the approac

5 New Fashion Launches You Need To Add To Your Cart This Month

As offices open up and our social calendars start expanding again, it is time to start dreaming up new ways to inject some excitement into our wardrobes. Further help on that end can be found with the array of new launches that have graced the world of fashion this month. From Masaba Gupta extending her signature quirky prints to innerwear to Arpit

5 Homegrown Labels You’ll Find In Janhvi Kapoor’s Wardrobe

When you live your life under the lens, an envy-inducing wardrobe is the order of the day. And while Janhvi Kapoor loves her runway-ready couture, she is conscious about extending her support to homegrown labels as well. With the pandemic inspiring us all to patronise the local arts and crafts economy, these homegrown labels deserve a spot in your

Homegrown workout wear

5 Homegrown Activewear Labels That Deserve A Spot In Your Wardrobe

If you thought that activewear was boring, a host of homegrown labels would like to convince you otherwise. Serving up major style with innovative prints, patterns and production techniques without compromising on quality, these names will help you rediscover your healthy living mojo. From Coachella-ready tie-dye prints to picture-perfect pastels,