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HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Masoom Minawala Mehta

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As Told To Jeena J Billimoria

Why she matters: Everyone pays close attention to what she says, wears and endorses, with no other Indian influencer commanding the scene like her. A permanent fixture at fashion weeks and the last word on what’s hot and what’s not, she has a certain ‘Masoom Magic’ that keeps her followers coming back for more!

If you work hard and simply keep at it, you are a lot more likely to make it. This was a lesson I learnt growing up in a Gujarati business joint family in Mumbai. While I was an average student at the Bombay Scottish School, I was a happy kid who enjoyed sports and painting and loved hanging out with her friends.

My parents always encouraged me and my siblings to follow our hearts, with no pressure whatsoever. They were both in the jewellery business and worked extremely hard, which made for quite a strong foundation for me.

Becoming An Influencer

I knew I had to start blogging when I was tasked with researching ‘bloggers’ as a fashion intern during my college days. I had no idea what that meant at the time, so I looked it up and was instantly enamoured.I knew immediately that I had found my calling. That night, I stayed up till 3 am and created my own blog! Soon, I began putting together ‘looks’ with the camera and a tripod gifted by my grandfather. And the response to these was simply phenomenal! But I only realised I was onto something when someone I didn’t know personally said, “Your outfits inspire me…” It was a surreal moment.

I started at a time when the blogging community was not prominent in India. So, of course, with curiosity came a lot of criticism. But I kept going because I was completely immersed.

Content That Connects

Honestly, I don’t have a predefined strategy. All I do is ask myself a single question before creating content: Would I, as a viewer, be interested in this? By putting myself in the shoes of my audience, I ensure that the content I create is something that I, as a consumer, would like. Remaining true to myself helps me create authentic and relatable content that resonates with my community. I strive to provide value, and engage with my audience in a way that feels genuine.

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Wearing Many Hats

Trust me, I don’t have this figured out! And I truly believe that balance is a myth. In a particular situation, you always have to evaluate and prioritise. There might be situations where my professional life will take priority over my personal life, and come tomorrow, it may be the other way around. The key is to not let guilt be the overriding emotion.

The Joys Of Marriage & Motherhood

A large part of where I am today is because of my husband and his unconditional support. We have been equals since day one. We met when I went to London for a few short courses, before starting my e-commerce business. We spent the early years of our dating life discussing work!

He has always mirrored my passion and determination, even in the smallest of ways. And everything changes when you have a baby. It’s a journey of self-discovery as I navigate this new role and schedule and the priorities that come with being a parent. I’m constantly learning, adapting and growing.

Little-Known Facts

I’m pretty obsessed with creating Excel sheets! To the point that I have one for our ‘menu’ to plan our meals. I love trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m learning Paddle right now and I love it! I love my alone time. I crave it. And lastly, I can’t sing. I would love to but just can’t!

The Vision For More

My ultimate goal is to uplift others, which is why I’m so passionate about #SupportIndianDesigners. It’s a not-for-profit initiative I started three years ago. For this, I create content with emerging brands and designers, completely pro bono, and use my platform to drive more traction to them.

With over 725K posts and counting, we have successfully brought back business for a number of homegrown labels that were on the verge of shutting down during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have turned around sales, created impact and helped them thrive. Using my platform to create positive change in any way I can is the most rewarding aspect of my job!

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