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Mehak Bakshi’s Beauty Guide Is Perfect For A Summer Wedding

In a world that thrives on carefully curated digital personas, there are few who have managed to captivate audiences with their authentic charm and relatability. Mehak Bakshi, a lawyer by profession, found herself swept into the world of influencers quite unexpectedly. What began as a chance encounter during the 2020 lockdown soon transformed her life, propelling her into the realm of content creation and catapulting her into the spotlight.

In the depths of the 2020 lockdown, when the world was plagued by uncertainty, Bakshi stumbled upon the love of her life through a dating app. Little did she know that this fateful encounter would set the stage for an exhilarating life transformation. In the ensuing months, their love blossomed, and in February 2021, they tied the knot, embarking on a lifelong journey together.

Their wedding pictures took the internet by storm. As their photographers (Cupcake Productions, Gurugram) shared these breathtaking moments on Instagram, they instantly became a viral sensation. Overnight, she went from being a lawyer with a privately aesthetic Instagram profile to a subject of public intrigue, capturing the attention of thousands of eager followers.

When asked about the pivotal moment that led to her decision to become a public influencer, Bakshi recalled her conversation with her husband, Harsh, during their honeymoon. “We were enjoying our time together, and I couldn’t ignore the flood of follow requests and overflowing DMs. So, I turned to him and asked, ‘Should I make my Instagram profile public?’ He replied, ‘Yeah, why not give this a shot and see what happens?’ So, I finally opened my profile to the public, and the rest, as they say, was history.”

Transitioning from her unexpected journey into the realm of influencers, Bakshi’s expertise extended beyond fashion and travel. As our conversation unfolded, we naturally segued into the topic of wedding beauty and make-up. It was an area that she had delved into with enthusiasm, eager to share her insights and experiences with brides-to-be.

With a warm smile, she began, “You know, weddings hold a special place in my heart, not just because of my own beautiful journey, but also because they present a canvas for creativity and self-expression, especially when it comes to bridal beauty.” She went on to explain how her passion for make-up and beauty had intertwined seamlessly with her newfound influencer status, allowing her to provide valuable tips and tricks to not only brides who wanted to look their best on their big day, but also young beauty and fashion enthusiasts that followed her.

“One of the key things I’ve learned,” she shared, “is that every bride deserves to feel confident and radiant on her wedding day. It’s not just about the perfect dress or the grand decor; it’s about embracing your natural beauty and enhancing it in a way that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.”

She also emphasised the importance of consulting a dermatologist before your wedding day, stating, “Your dermatologist is your best friend as a bride. Avoid blindly following others‘ advice, as what works for their skin may not work for yours. Prioritise scheduling a consultation at least three months before your wedding, allowing for tailored treatments that address your specific skin concerns. By doing so, you’ll be on the path to a radiant and flawless complexion on your special day.”

The fashionista shared that for her own wedding day, she opted for a natural and Rani pink-hued romantic look. With an aim to keep her make-up minimal yet impactful, she included a natural base with spot concealing (and the *correct* shade of under-eye concealer), lots of pink blush for a rosy glow, subtle winged liner, and a touch of highlighter.

“The only instruction I gave my make-up artist was that I still wanted to look like ME.” Enhancing her natural beauty was the key to feeling like the best version of herself on her big day.

“Remember,” she concluded, “wedding beauty is not about conforming to trends or societal expectations. It’s about embracing your individuality and showcasing your unique beauty. Whether you opt for a soft and romantic look or go bold with a statement lip, the key is to feel confident, comfortable, and true to yourself. After all, your wedding day is a celebration of love, and your beauty should reflect that.”

As our conversation progressed, the influencer shared her favourite everyday beauty and fashion tips, ranging from selecting the right make-up and hair looks that complement different sartorial styles to incorporating sustainability in your wardrobe.

“I truly believe in the power of accessorising any look you wear. It’s amazing how even a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit can be transformed into something incredibly chic with the right styling,” Mehak said. She believes that the key lies not only in hair, make-up, and jewellery choices but also in selecting fabrics, cuts, and silhouettes that flatter one’s body. Adding a personal touch, a signature element that reflects individuality, is crucial in making any trend one’s own. Her personal signature is her knack for casual style and skillful outfit building.

“It’s about finding that perfect balance between comfort and fashion, and letting your personal style shine through,“ she added. ”As a content creator, I firmly believe that there should be more to my page than just showcasing the clothes I wear. When people visit my page and choose to follow me, I want them to have something to look forward to, something that goes beyond fashion. It’s about sharing a glimpse of my personal style that people can look up to and find inspiration in.”

She continued, “For me, it’s not just about the outfits, but also about the overall aesthetic, the storytelling, and the experiences I share. I strive to create a space where my audience can connect with me on a deeper level and find inspiration not only in what I wear but also in how I curate my content. It’s about creating a sense of aspiration and authenticity that resonates with my followers.”

Bakshi also shared valuable advice on dressing sustainably and avoiding overconsumption. According to her, the key is to invest in classic pieces that can be styled in various ways and complement multiple outfits. She also suggests thrifting timeless garments as an alternative. Among her go-to staples are a crisp white button-down, a versatile blazer, and basic tees from homegrown brands.

Her insights reminded us that fashion is an art form that goes beyond the garments themselves. It’s the careful curation of accessories, the thoughtful selection of fabrics, and the incorporation of personal touches that truly make an outfit remarkable.

As our chat transitioned to discussing her beauty routine, she revealed that her journey with skincare took an unexpected turn a few years ago when she experienced an alarming change in her skin. Despite having flawless skin throughout her teenage years, she discovered that she had developed rosacea and sensitivity. However, her passion for skincare had already taken root even before it became a popular trend.

Determined to find a solution, she sought professional advice from her dermatologist and embarked on a skincare routine that now works wonders for her. Currently, Mehak’s holy grail skincare brand is iS Clinical. Her morning routine consists of using their Cleansing Complex, followed by the Hydra Cool Serum to combat dryness. She then moisturises with MemBio and protects her skin with Dermatica’s sunscreen.

In the evening, Mehak starts by gently removing her make-up with Bioderma Micellar Water. She then cleanses her face with the same iS Clinical Cleansing Complex from the morning routine. On alternate days, she incorporates an active retinol from iS Clinical, followed by the Hydra Cool Serum. To care for the delicate under-eye area, she applies Estée Lauder’s eye cream. Finally, she uses the Mem Bio moisturiser again, sealing in hydration for the night.

As our conversation came to a close, we asked Mehak about the three essentials she always carries in her purse before stepping out of the house, to which she said, “I can’t live without lip balm. I hate the feeling of having dry, chipped and matte lips. The second must-have is a compact for quick touch ups, and lastly, a good hand cream because my hands tend to get very dry.”