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Fashion Influencer Urmi Daga

Fashion Influencer Urmi Daga On How To Build A Summer Wardrobe

Meet Urmi Daga, a fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of a popular former fashion blog, What Wear How. With a keen eye for style, Urmi has built a massive following on social media platforms by sharing her unique take on fashion and beauty. In this exclusive interview, we dive into Urmi’s personal fashion journey, her tips for building

Masoom Minawala

#TheH!List: Masoom Minawala Redefining Fashion Content

A global fashion influencer, investor and entrepreneur, her #MasoomMagic is well-established worldwide. The fashionista opens up about keeping it real and expanding her investment footprint. What’s unique about Masoom Minawala’s digital content is that she keeps it real. In a space inundated with filters and displays of picture- perfect lives, she’

Fashion Influencer Sakshi Sindwani

Fashion Influencer Sakshi Sindwani On How To Break Stereotypes And Feel More Confident In Your Own Skin

“I don’t understand what being ‘unapologetically yourself‘ means, to be very honest,” says Sakshi Sindwani, when I ask her about the tag that’s most associated with her as a full-figured model and content creator online, “Why should anyone be apologetic about who they are as a person? I’m not doing any of this with the intention of being ‘unapologe