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Aditi Bhatia On Her Journey From Child Actor To Style Maven

From TV screens to Instagram feeds, actor Aditi Bhatia has seamlessly transitioned from lighting up our living rooms to becoming a trendsetter on our timelines. For her fans, Bhatia is more than just a familiar face—she’s a fashion muse for the modern age.

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Bhatia’s journey in the limelight began as a child actor, gracing advertisements and leaving her mark on the silver screen with films like Vivah, Shootout at Lokhandwala, The Train, Chance Pe Dance and Sargoshiyan. In 2015, she stepped into the shoes of Bubbly Taneja in Zee TV’s Tashan-e-Ishq. Transitioning further, from 2016 to 2019, the actor effortlessly embraced the role of Adult Ruhi Bhalla in Star Plus‘ popular soap, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, taking over from Ruhanika Dhawan.

Aditi Bhatia©Aditi Bhatia

Alongside her acting feats, Bhatia’s comedic talents also shone on Colors TV’s Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza as well as Comedy Circus in 2018. In 2019, she appeared as a contestant on Colors TV’s Khatra Khatra Khatra.

Fast forward to today, Aditi Bhatia has evolved into a style maven for her Gen-Z followers. Her journey from gracing the small screen to becoming an influencer on Instagram with over 6 million followers, weaves a tale of growth and creativity.

HELLO!: Your style has evolved so much over the years. How would you describe your fashion journey and the factors that have influenced your personal style?

Aditi Bhatia: “My approach to everything, including fashion, has become ‘less is more’. The less I try, the more effortlessly stylish I feel. Over the years, my feminine side has taken centre stage, drawing me towards dresses, floral patterns, chikankari kurtis, and soft silhouettes. I used to be quite the tomboy during my growing up years. As I matured, my softer, feminine side naturally started reflecting in my personal style.”

Aditi Bhatia©Aditi Bhatia

H!: You’ve been known for your trendy and chic looks. Can you share a fashion tip or trick that helps you effortlessly stand out in a crowd? What’s your go-to approach for selecting the perfect outfit for different occasions?

AB: “Accessories and footwear are the game-changers that take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. I’m all about accessorising right – it’s all about the subtle touches and details that make an outfit pop. And, honestly, you can never go wrong with well-curated jewellery.”

Aditi Bhatia©Aditi Bhatia

H!: As an influencer, your fashion choices inspire many. Could you tell us about a recent fashion trend that you embraced, and how you made it uniquely yours?

AB: “The cyclical return of the 90s fashion trends has been a personal favourite. I’ve been loving that vibe. Also, I’ve been experimenting with beautifully structured corsets, infusing a modern twist into them.”

Aditi Bhatia©Aditi Bhatia

H!: Fashion can be both empowering and expressive. Are there any specific pieces or styles that hold sentimental value for you, and why?

AB: “Can I be candid? Those seemingly ‘homeless’ T-shirts that my mom considers turning into cleaning rags hold a special place for me. They’re incredibly comfortable and crafted from soft cotton. I spend about 70% of my time in them – except for the occasions when I’m working out, practising Kathak, attending events or meeting friends.”

H!: Imagine you have to create an outfit using items from a thrift store – what pieces would you choose and how would you make it your signature style?

AB: “I’m drawn to the 90s style, so I’d pick a shirt and layer it with a sweater, popping the collar out. A cute skirt would complete the look, along with some fabulous thrift store boots. My vibe is all about easy-breezy comfort, so I’d aim for a breathable ensemble.”

Aditi Bhatia©Aditi Bhatia

H!: Rapid-fire fashion choices: Sneakers or stilettos? Vintage or modern? Monochrome or vibrant? High fashion or street style?

AB: “Sneakers (even though I own tons of stilettos that have been gathering dust in my closet!); Vintage; Depends on my mood (so both!); High fashion.”

Aditi Bhatia©Aditi Bhatia

H!: Imagine you’re the stylist for a movie character. Which iconic film character’s wardrobe would you love to revamp, and how would you infuse your own fashion flair?

AB: “I’d love to reinvent the Indian wear of iconic 90s Karisma Kapoor characters. Indian clothes offer immense potential for fresh styling in movies. I’d fuse modern twists into soft, Indian-inspired outfits for a contemporary charm.”

H!: Are there any homegrown fashion brands you’ve been loving lately?

AB: “I’ve been adoring my friend’s homegrown brand Bunaai – they seamlessly blend traditional styles with trends. Their designs, inspired by folktales, bring a touch of Rajasthan to the modern world. Additionally, I’m a fan of my friend Anjini Dhawan’s brand, Label Jiyani, where I find all my chikankari kurtis.”