upside down pastry

This Viral 3-Ingredient Upside-Down Pastry Is A Game Changer

Discover the latest culinary sensation sweeping the globe (read, TikTok) ‒ upside-down puff pastry squares. These delectable treats have taken the food world by storm with their simplicity and irresistible flavours. There’s an inherent elegance and charm in the transformation of layered, laminated dough into a heavenly symphony of flaky, light text

How To Be The Best Social Media Boyfriend Ft. Our Favourite Men

Gone are the days when love was all about bringing flowers, showering your partners with gifts, dedicating songs to them, or even writing them long love letters filled with all the emotions one can ever have. In 2022, being in a relationship is all about getting the perfect shots of your partner for the ’gram, amongst other things. While most women

11 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You’re A Foodie

You might have different opinions on everything under the sun, including whether or not middle seat passengers on airplanes deserve both armrests or not, but there’s one thing that we can all agree on: Food Instagram, or Foodstagram if you’re in a hurry, is a gift that keeps on giving. Follow these food accounts on Instagram if you’re a foodie who