Fashion Trends

Crescent Half-Moon Bags

Half-Moon Bags Are In: Here’s How You Can Style Them For Fall

The latest buzz in the style realm is the triumphant return of crescent or half-moon bags, proving that in the world of fashion, what goes around comes back around—literally. This iconic shape is reclaiming its spotlight, and if you’re wondering how to rock this trend for fall, you’ve come to the right place. Join the crescent revolution and let’s

Micro Fashion Trends

6 Fashion Micro Trends That Are Ruling This Season

While we all love our timeless basics, it’s time to embrace the fabulous micro-trends that have taken over social media feeds and tickled our fancies. The best part? You don’t need a whole new outfit to dive into these trends—your classic denim jeans will be your trusty companions on this fashion adventure. So, get ready to rock coloured sneakers,

Yay Or Nay: ‘Barbie-Foot Heels’ Are Taking Over The Red Carpet

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your fuzzy pink mules because a fabulous new trend is taking the fashion world by storm! Meet the ‘Barbie-foot heels’ — the sizzling hot sandals and pumps with clear straps that make it seem like you’re effortlessly walking on permanently arched soles like our beloved Barbie doll. Not only are they making our legs lo

Exposed Bra Strap Trend

The Exposed Bra Strap Trend Is Making a Cheeky Comeback

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, audacious statements often take centre stage. From peek-a-boo thongs to pantless parties, we’ve witnessed daring choices that make us question if they were intentional. However, one trend that is making a surprising comeback is the exposed bra strap. Once associated with fashion faux pas, this age-old outfit m


We Owe These Brilliant Fashion Trends To You, Shah Rukh Khan

In the late 1980s, a starry-eyed Delhi-boy with a dream to make it big in the film industry landed in Mumbai. Little did anyone know that this man of limited means, who found comfort even when he had to sleep on the streets, would go on to become one of the most celebrated Indian film stars of all time. With SRK ruling the silver screen for over th

Sonakshi Sinha Pantsuit

6 Times Sonakshi Sinha Made A Strong Case For Pantsuits

Power dressing in the form of pantsuits is all the rage right now, but this time with a dash of Gen-Z cool. Most of our favourite Bollywood stars have fully embraced this trend and are influencing their fans and followers to wear more of it. The options for styling pantsuits are endless, and the outfit can be dressed up or down according to the occ