Mozez Singh interview

Mozez Singh Shares Genius Style Tips To Up Your Fashion Game

HELLO!: We, at HELLO!, have always appreciated your sense of style and how you carry every look. How does it feel to win the ‘Style Disruptor’ title? Mozez Singh: “It feels amazing, especially as winning an award for being a lover of fashion is not something I’ve ever aspired for. It was a fabulous surprise! Fashion is a big love of mine, but it’s

Ballet Flats Fashion Style

Listen Up! Ballet Flats Are Back In Style This Fall

Yes, you read that right, our favourite fashion staple from the early 2010s is making a much-needed comeback this fall. In the past few years, we’ve spent a whole lot of time making platformed footwear our entire personality. And while they’re extremely chic to look at, our feet could really do with some comfortable footwear. Luckily for comfort fo

Taapsee Pannu’s Quirky Style

5 Reasons Why Taapsee Pannu’s Quirky Style Is Worth Noticing

From giving us some of the best films of our time to showing the world that she can’t be pigeonholed in one specific genre, Taapsee Pannu is the millennial star that is here to take on the world. And while the actor has stunned us with her acting abilities, it is her unique style and sense of fashion that intrigues us the most. READ: A Guide To Sty