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Dubai-Based Influencer Farhana Bodi On All Things Luxe

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Nayare Ali

This popular influencer from Dubai embodies all things luxe. From haute couture to opulent holidays and hotels, she’s living the best life— with a Netflix show to her name, too! Farhana Bodi gets candid with HELLO! about her love for high living.

Identified as one of Dubai’s most glamourous social media personalities, Farhana Bodi is the queen of couture. Boasting over 2 million Instagram followers, she’s always spotted in ultra luxe brands that make for an enviable wardrobe.

Now, Farhana also has a Netflix reality show to her name, Dubai Bling, which showcases the best of her lifestyle as a single working mum and the founder of I Woman of the World, a firm aimed at empowering women. HELLO! gets Farhana talking about her favourites in the world of luxury and more!

Luxury to me is: About values, high quality and a certain timelessness that outlives passing trends.

My most luxe experience: It was a trip on one of the top private jets of the Comlux Group. I flew from Dubai to Europe, and the experience was so luxurious! The crew provided outstanding guest service, the food was amazing, and the whole experience was just next-level luxury.

My professional space: I’m a social media personality-turned-businesswoman and a reality TV star. I work with and promote luxury and lifestyle brands on my social media channels. I am also a partner in a crypto project called GoldPesa, where I am the director of marketing. I also have a platform called I Woman of the World, where I support and feature women and women-led startups and brands.

The response to Dubai Bling: I’m so thrilled with all the positive reactions and feedback from everyone from around the world. The show is trending in India, too, which is something to be really proud of. The experience was amazing. I got to share the screen with my son, and there’s no better feeling than that.

The most luxurious travel destinations: Everything about Dubai is luxurious. From the cars and hotels to the skyscrapers and shopping malls. I also love Capri, Paris, Monaco and Istanbul. From luxe shopping haunts to super luxury hotels, from Michelin-starred restaurants to beautiful yachts (in Monaco), these are the ideal hotspots for high-end vacations.

My favourite brands: I love Prada and Versace for their clothing. For home décor and accessories, there’s Chanel, Fendi, Hermès and Miu Miu.

Best winter buys: Prada’s black leather long boots! I invest in these boots every season. They are high-quality, versatile and the perfect accessory to build different looks.

Hotels that embody luxury to me: 1. One feels like a royal at the Ritz Paris. It has a special place in my heart. Everything about it is magnificent. Lady Diana used to stay there.

2. Last January, I celebrated my birthday in the royal ballroom of Raffles The Palm Dubai. The wonderful memories associated with the place will always make it special for me. The vintage and gold details make the place stunning.

3. The iconic Burj Al Arab is one of a kind. It’s all bling from the moment you enter its premises.

4. I love the luxury art in the interiors of Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva. It’s all in the details.

5. I had the immense pleasure of staying at a villa of Mandarin Oriental Bodrum. It was one of the best places I holidayed at this year. Truly memorable!

My most recent indulgence: I recently purchased an Hermès Kelly Bag. For me, it’s a great investment, and I’m particularly glad that I managed to get an exotic colour. The bag is sky blue, which is a rare shade to find.

A home that spells luxury: The Swiss home of my friend Caroline Scheufele, the owner of Chopard. It’s beautiful and luxurious, with lots of vintage pieces.

Three men and women who nail the luxe look: 1. German blogger Leonie Hanne loves colours and bling just as much as I do and has all the latest brands.

2. I can relate to Natasha Poonawalla. I love her edgy and couture fashion. She goes all the way to dress up.

3. I love everything about Kylie Jenner. She’s sensuous and wears fun clothes and super luxurious brands that I like.

4. Ranveer Singh, too, goes all out. I love his fashion sense and fun Gucci looks. He’s loud and cool.

5. Bryan Yambao, a social media influencer, has an amazing collection of luxe handbags and knows how to style them.

6. I’m a die-hard fan of artist Maluma as he’s always stylishly put together and looks good in whatever he sports.

Three must-haves in a woman’s closet: A classic Chanel bag, a Cartier love bracelet, and a Louis Vuitton trolley.

My style icon: I love everything about Kylie Jenner. Her makeup is always on point, and her fashion sense is so lit!

My personal style: Fun, edgy, colourful and glamorous.

This is an excerpt from an interview that was originally published in Hello! India’s December 2022 issue. To read the full interview, get your hands on the latest issue right here!

Interview: Nayare Ali; Photos: Igor Shabalin & Sergey Grachev; Hair: Patrick & Marcel; Fashion Editor: Sonam Poladia