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Here Is How ‘The Crown’ Recreated The Iconic Revenge Dress

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

The newest season of The Crown has already started grabbing eyeballs. And the one character that fans were super excited to see was Lady Diana Spencer. The people’s princess was loved not only by the people of Britain but by people all over the world. Her bold fashion choices in particular made a huge impact and are still very fresh in our hearts.

But the one outfit that no one can ever forget was her iconic ‘revenge dress’ that she wore to an event in 1994 after her husband, Prince Charles, publically admitted to having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. The fitted black body-con dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves made every newspaper headline.

And now that season 5 of the Netflix show, The Crown, is here, we got to see Elizabeth Debicki, who plays the role of Princess Diana in the show, recreate the revenge dress, and absolutely ace it. Recently, during a press conference, The Crown’s costume designer, Amy Robers along with the associate costume designer and head buyer, Sidonie Roberts and hair and make-up designer, Cate Hall shared how they got the look right.

The team spoke about how important it was for them to not create a parody while recreating this look. They wanted to bring in a few elements of the actor into the look to make it more personal. “A big part of replicating the dress is working and sculpting it to Elizabeth’s body, not Diana’s, because obviously, physically, they’re different,” shares Amy. Sidonie adds, “It was important to remember to be very respectful of the original designer. The revenge dress is such a tricky thing to make—to work out how you even have the opening on a dress like that, how she’s going to get into it, you’ve got a crusted body just draped by delicate chiffon.”

The costume team also spoke about how they have up till now only used black on the Royals during funeral or mourning scenes. “And so that colour becomes quite symbolic for the moment where Princess Diana chooses to wear it. It’s representing the death of a marriage and a move away from the palace. And then the rebirth of this kind of independent woman, finding her own voice and becoming even more of that legendary fashion icon in her own way,” she added.

A hard task for sure, but we can say that the recreation is pretty phenomenal. And even if you haven’t seen The Crown, take it from us and watch it for the revenge dress, because it’s worth the watch.