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Isabelle Kaif Spills The Beans On Her Diet And Fitness Routine

Isabelle Kaif doesn’t just resemble her superstar sister Katrina, but also shares the same commitment to fitness. The actor believes moderation is key when it comes to her diet and follows resistance training to stay in top form. Spilling the beans on her breakfast menu and morning routine, Isabelle also talks about healthy snacking and advice on things to cut out of your diet. Keep on reading to read a candid conversation with Isabelle Kaif, as she guides you how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Isabelle Kaif’s Diet And Fitness Guide

HELLO!: How often do you go to the gym and what are your favourite forms of exercise?

Isabelle Kaif: “Generally, I try to go anywhere between like three to five times a week. Right now, I’m actually recovering from an injury, so I’m trying to go as often as I can. Currently, I’m doing a combination of gyming, functional, weight training, pilates and a little bit of yoga. I think pilates and weight training really complement each other and those are two of my favourite forms. I find that the combination of these two works different muscles in very different ways and strengthens them.

H!: So sorry to hear about your injury, hope everything is alright?

IK: “Yeah, everything is good. I just had a little neck and shoulder injury that I had to do a little bit of rehab for, as it happens. But everything is good. It was just a little bit of a chill phase right now as I’m recovering from it.”

H!: Oh, that’s good to hear. What’s your morning routine like?

IK: “I try to actually follow a very strict morning routine because I feel that just sets your entire day up. In the morning, before I head to the gym, I usually do like 30 minutes of meditation. I also like to journal while having hot lemon water and in general, try to get that first litre of water in before I head into the gym. I feel that just getting a good 30-40 minutes of space for yourself in the morning really just sets you up with a clear mind for the day. Especially if you have a hectic schedule.”

H!: What does your breakfast usually comprise?

IK: “My breakfast has been the same for my entire life, pretty much. I have either scrambled or fried eggs but cooked with very little oil. It’s kind of more like steamed eggs really. I usually have it with toast and I’ll have some sauteed spinach and hummus or sometimes, I’ll even do some potatoes in it in the morning instead of toast. But yeah, it’s always eggs, some vegetables and then potatoes or toast, and that’s been my breakfast since I was a single digit.”

H!: What are some things that you’ve completely cut off from your diet and that you think everybody should as well?

IK: “I’d never say completely cut off anything from your diet because yes, you want to be healthy but you also want to enjoy life and I feel food, for me, is one of the great loves of my life. So I never say completely cut off anything. I think everything should be done in moderation.

That being said, I genuinely tend to moderate my sugar. Eating sugar and heavily processed foods is the biggest no-no for me. So usually — but not all the time — I try to cut out sugar and processed foods. Obviously, you have your weekends and holidays, you should try to avoid or minimise on these things as much as possible.”

H!: So, are there any healthier alternatives when it comes to snacking, for you?

IK: “There’s so many! I personally love hummus, so I like to have it with carrot sticks or crackers and tomatoes. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to have in the evening but I’ve been loving some muesli with flax and chia seeds, along with almond milk. I tend to have that a little bit in the evening, after dinner, if I feel like I still want a snack.

And then you know, my trainer Yasmin (Karachiwala) gives me peanut butter rice cakes that are sugar free, just yumminess. Like gluten, sugar free, healthy tasty treats and I love those. Especially when you’re on set, I stand on those all day. It’s delicious and so healthy like you don’t believe it. Like, you’re lying to me that there’s no sugar in here. Like it’s healthy food and it’s so yum, so yum.”

H!: How much water do you drink in a day? And what benefits have you personally seen since you increased your water intake?

IK: “There are benefits, a hundred percent. A hundred percent. So, I didn’t actually realise that I was not drinking nearly enough water, until I got one of those two litre water jugs. And the goal is to drink two and a half to three litres of water a day. And I had misjudged the importance of it. I realised I was sleeping better, I was feeling more energised, my skin was looking better. And I don’t know why I avoided it so much, it’s not like I’m too busy to drink water. But somewhere, I think it’s also because thirst is often misunderstood for hunger.

It’s something I recently realised I was really neglecting and ever since then, I made a constant effort every single day to drink all the water in my two-kilo jug. And it’s been a game changer.”

H!: What was the most difficult part to conquer in your fitness journey? What helped you overcome it?

IK: “I think one of the things I have struggled with, certainly, is consistency. It’s the thought of getting and going to the gym. But, once I’m in the gym, I love it. I get that serotonin pump. It keeps me so happy and energised the whole day. But I just have to push myself up to get up and go, like everyone on earth, I think.

But, what has really helped me is having a plan, so I just make sure I have my whole week planned and I’m on a program. I have to know what workouts I’m doing on what day, so, the night before, I check with the trainer and mentally make my schedule for the next day. I have found that there’s nothing like having a plan to keep you consistent. Whether it’s through an app, with your trainer or even if you’re doing your own thing — just schedule it like you would any other business meeting or work that you have.”

H!: What is your go-to workout song at the minute?

IK: “That’s actually so funny. Because just today, and this is something that’s actually been happening over the last two weeks, all of us at Body Image have been really into Michael Jackson playlists. And it happened this morning too! I feel that’s kind of like taking over our gym a bit. It’s actually very good.”

H!: On your cheat days, what are some treats that you always love to indulge in?

IK: “Pastries, like banana bread, croissants. I love that stuff.”

H!: Which celebrity’s fitness game inspires you?

IK: Someone who’s fitness journey that really interests me is Ananya (Panday). I love watching her workout and yoga videos. I think her fitness is fabulous!”

H!: Talking of celebrity fitness, we’d be remiss to not mention your sister. Do you workout with her? Does it get competitive?

IK: “Yeah, we do. We work out together. We do pilates together sometimes. And yeah, we like working out together because we’re both a little competitive. So, we like to push each other a little and one up each other.”

H!: And what’s next for you on the work front? When are we seeing you next?

IK: “Well, hopefully, very soon. There’s an upcoming rom-com that I’ve done with Pulkit Samrat, but I’m not sure when exactly it’s going to be released.”