Isabelle Kaif

Isabelle Kaif Spills The Beans On Her Diet And Fitness Routine

Isabelle Kaif doesn’t just resemble her superstar sister Katrina, but also shares the same commitment to fitness. The actor believes moderation is key when it comes to her diet and follows resistance training to stay in top form. Spilling the beans on her breakfast menu and morning routine, Isabelle also talks about healthy snacking and advice on t

Shakira Performs in concert at Madison Square

Fitness Tips That Keep Shakira’s Hips Shaking & Skin Glowing

Three time Grammy-winner and mum of two, Shakira is one of the world’s most famous singers and performers. It’s no surprise that the ‘Waka Waka’ hitmaker works really hard to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle even when she isn’t preparing for things like stadium concerts, Super Bowls and FIFA openings. Aside from extra activity (i.e. a lot

Tamannaah Bhatia

Add Tamannaah's Fitness Tips To Your New Year's Resolutions

When Tamannaah Bhatia isn’t rocking the red carpets or acting, the off-duty version of her loves being a total gym rat. The star’s workout routine is rooted in both consistency and mindfulness. “You need to always find time to do what makes you happy. Fitness is one of those things. It creates a feel-good aura around you,” she says. In her own word

Sara Ali Khan Workouts

5 Celeb-Approved Workouts To Try From Home This Festive Weekend

While the onset of the festive season makes for a good reason to cheat on your fitness regimen, when you are ready to get back on the wagon, it helps to look to Bollywood’s fittest names for motivation. With minimal equipment needed, these celebrity-loved workouts won’t require a trip to the gym to help you get your fitness mojo back: A long-time a

Common Workout Mistakes by Namrata Purohit

#HELLOExpertGuide Ft. Namrata Purohit | How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Have you ever wondered why those seemingly endless hours at the gym have not succeeded in giving you the body of your dreams? You’ve even sacrificed bread at the altar of washboard abs and toned legs, but the results are just not tallying up? Turns out, it’s not the work of a mysterious gremlin who derives pleasure from adding undetectable carbs to