Blackpink Lisa

5 Things Blackpink’s Lisa Does To Stay Fit & Healthy

Blackpink is easily one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world at the moment. Their strength lies in the fact that each of the four members, including Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, are unique in their own ways and have a distinct style of their own. This is also true for their fitness routines. It’s no secret that K-pop idols follow strict diet

Gerard Pique workout

Gerard Pique’s Workout Keeps Him Fresh On & Off The Field

Ace footballer Gerard Pique announced his retirement in November last year after a stellar career spanning 14 years with FC Barcelona and with Manchester United before that. The footballer has been embroiled in a fair share of controversies surrounding his relationship with ex-partner Shakira over the years, but mainly saw fame through his outstand

Jennie Kim Fitness rules

5 Fitness & Diet Rules Blackpink’s Jennie Kim Swears By

Blackpink’s Jennie Kim is known for her love for all things fitness and her Instagram feed stands as testament to that. A jack of all trades with nerves of steel, Kim leaves no stone unturned when it comes to living a healthy life despite her jam-packed schedule full of dance rehearsals, concerts and jet-setting across the world. Living life in the

Diet Beliefs, Myths Or Facts

15 Commonly Held Diet Beliefs From Myths To Facts

The easy access to information, via the Internet and social media, has led to a lot of misconception about nutrition and diet. We’ve all come across catchy headlines and captions that proclaim certain food groups or activities as the devil for the week. Often taken without context, this information can lead to confusion and spread of misinformation