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‘Backwards Walking’ Is The New Bizarre Fitness Trend That Works!

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The Internet has introduced us to many new and wonderful things. From contentious ways of eating ice cream to cosmetic procedures for your calves, there’s something new every day. In the realm of fitness, TikTok has stumbled upon a way of walking that has people scratching their heads.

‘Backwards walking’ is the newest walking trend that has been added to the list of other walking trends birthed from the Internet, like Silent Walking, Rucking or the Hot Girl Walk.

The trend, as the name suggests, has people walking backwards, whether in a park or on the treadmill. But before you dismiss this as another ridiculous trend meant to capture eyeballs, fitness experts agree that walking backwards holds a lot of merit.

Why Should You Try ‘Backwards Walking’?

Backwards walking is not as easy as it might seem. The style of walking can help improve your balance and coordination and help with gait issues. Many adopters also reported that it has eased their back pain and a study published in 2018 corroborates this. The researchers discovered that walking backwards improved muscle activity for people with lower back pain.

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Aside from being an interesting way to spice up your morning walk or cardio session in the gym, backwards walking also packs a tonne of mental health benefits. Since the activity requires increased concentration, it stimulates the brain and improves the ability to focus.

How To Start ‘Backwards Walking’?

Walking backwards can be scary as the terrain is unfamiliar and you could bump into people moving in the opposite direction and injure yourself if you’re walking outdoors. This is why experts recommend starting small and walking backwards for short distances and gradually increasing your time as you become more confident. You should also start on a treadmill as it’s a flat and unchanging terrain and even has handrails for support.

Once you’re walking backwards, remember to focus on standing up straight, keeping your core engaged, and maintaining your balance.

Would you try the viral fitness trend?!